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BlueGold® Aragonite (OMRI Listed) [Injectable Calcium Carbonate]
November 28, 2019
BlueGold® Wollastonite (OMRI Listed) [Raw Calcium-Silicate]
January 9, 2020

BlueGold® Aragonite (OMRI Listed) [Raw Calcium Carbonate]


Raw Calcium Carbonate

BlueGold® Aragonite (Raw) distributes extremely well both dry and wet. Aragonite has an innate ability to absorb nutrients deliverable into fertilizers, efficiently increasing their availability. See our Injectable Calcium Carbonate here.

Our BlueGold® Aragonite is an Organic Calcium Carbonate that is NOP Compliant and OMRI Listed.  Available in 5 gallon buckets, 1 ton super sacks (LTL), and full truck-loads (FTL). Please email for freight rates on super sacks, full truckloads, and quotes on discounted rates for multiple truckloads. You can only purchase BlueGold® Aragonite (Raw) over the phone: 1-877-732-5360.  Call us or e-mail for more information.

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Eden Solutions references and categorizes Calcium as the Queen of all Minerals because Calcium regulates and balances all other elements. Without sufficient Calcium, no other element(s) are able to balance in the sap or soil. It is a futile attempt without it. It is also important to note that Calcium will go nowhere without the presence of the King, Phosphate, in sufficient form and PPMs. Sadly, to date, we have not seen one farm’s sap or soil test where the King and Queen have been properly balanced and in harmony together on the throne before beginning the BlueGold® program.

Excesses are the number one problematic condition on every farm. If your crop consultant, Co-Op, or nutrient supplier does not mention excesses in the first conversation, move on. It is imperative you find one who can properly identify your excesses and lay out a budget plan to deal with them. Otherwise, these excesses will continue to deal with your profit in the most negative way.

We refer to Ag limes as ‘grandkid’s lime.’ Why? If the farm is still there when the grandkids take it over, ‘it might be available by then.’ Ag limes come in many flavors such as Carbonate, Hydroxide, Oxide, Mag, or Sulfur. All farmers are well versed in them by long term usage. They require massive amounts of biological action, organic matter, and the correct soil resistance (pH) of 6.40. Sadly, Calcium has not seen the proper Phosphate in the correct PPMs in so long; she isn’t balancing anything.

High soil or sap or both soil and sap ‘excess’ element(s) in any combination such as Chlorides, Na (salts), Potassium, Magnesium, Nitrogen, and Micronutrients will crush Calcium uptake. It could be just one, two, three, four, or all five of these elements alone or together in any combination, and the hill gets exponentially steeper to overcome with each excess element out of balance. Couple this steep hill with the wrong soil and sap testing procedures, and you have a train wrecked farm.

Calcium and Phosphate ratios ‘must’ be fulfilled in the Vegetative Plant Sap Growth Stage before the onset of flower and reproductive stage startup. Most growers make the big mistake of adding Potassium in the Vegetative Stage. This is a mistake as Potassium suppresses Calcium from Phosphate. Potassium is the No. 1 element that crushes forage yields, followed by Chlorides.

BlueGold® Raw Calcium is an additional big gun in the arsenal along with our BlueGold® Super Concentrates (Mega Cal-Sil, Cal-King, and Super Phos-23) in the Calcium war that rages in every field. You only have a short window in a Vegetative State to get the King and Queen sitting pretty on their sap PPM thrones. Our BlueGold® Aragonite (Raw anionic charged Calcium [CaCO3]) has a recommended rate of 2 pounds per acre (depending on sap testing) and up to twice per week. This material is designed for all field and cross dressing plants (see our injectable Calcium here). It is very effective at these low rates when used in conjunction with the BlueGold® Super Concentrate Calcium Solutions. Call us on 1-877-732-5360 or email for freight rates on pallets, truckloads, and quotes on discounted rates for multiple truckloads.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

1 ton Super Sack, Full Truck-Load (21 tons)


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