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BlueGold® Calcium Silicate [Raw] (OMRI Listed)


BlueGold® Calcium Silicate [Raw for Soil Input] is a pure Calcium source with naturally occurring Silicates for a true defense against heavy metal toxicities in the soil. Build soil integrity for the long haul. See our Injectable Calcium Silicate here.

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Silica continues to be under-appreciated and unrecognized nutrient despite decades of studies proving otherwise. In certain plant species, Silica is absorbed in large amounts than higher that of “essential micronutrients.” For example, the uptake of Silica is twice that of Nitrogen in rice. Silica can benefit plant growth and can be very useful, especially with plants under toxicity or biotic stress. Silica may also enhance soil fertility, improve disease and pest resistance, and increase tolerance to excesses of Iron or Manganese. Plants high in Silica have also been study proven to be more heat or frost resistant.

Silica has been shown to be a binder of oxides and hydroxides (toxic forms of elements) and metals like Aluminum. Coincidently, Silica is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust – and when soil becomes deficient of Silica, there are negative results. Calcium Silicates have emerged as the most essential and available source of Silicates for soil applications. Of those, metasilicates (Wollastonite, also known as Calcium Silicate [CaSiO3]) have shown to be the most effective source in may soil environments. Our Calcium Silicate is a raw mineral with a relatively high pH (10-11) with low water solubility, which is why it is micronized to less than 50 microns for injection capabilities, or the raw coarse being available for spreading, or our extremely micronized liquid product BlueGold® Mega Cal-Sil.

The overwhelming evidence in controlled studies has shown that high levels of Silica can reduce the severity of several important diseases like Blast, Brown Spot, and Hollow Stem Syndrome. It has been demonstrated that disease tends to decrease with increasing concentrations of Silica in plant tissue. Similar observations have been made for many insect pests. In flowering species, including Hemp, Silica PPM increase in plant tissue has been directly correlated to significant dry weight increases.



BlueGold® Calcium Silicate (Raw for Soil Input) should only be applied in accordance with an Apical sap/soil analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates. Ask us how to qualify for our Eden Guaranteed Grow Program.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

30# Bucket, 1 Ton Pallet (MUST CALL TO ORDER), FTL [20 tons] (MUST CALL TO ORDER)


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