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Livestock & Crop Consulting


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BlueGold® offers in-house Livestock & Crop Consulting Services. All those who are exclusively on the BlueGold® Animal or Plant System taking part of the 100% Eden Guarantee receive free consulting through the entirety of their grow, harvest, sale. Those who are interested in using BlueGold® but require initial in-depth (soil, sap, water testing analysis) livestock and/or crop consulting will be charged $250.00. This charge can be a deposit and put towards any BlueGold® order. There is no expiration date to placing the order once you have paid the initial crop consulting. Please keep your e-mailed receipt and submit with your order.


To learn more about our 100% Eden Guarantee please visit our disclaimer page.

To learn more about enrolling in our BlueGold® Animal or Plant System please contact Nick.

To speak to our head of Support and in-house Consultant please contact James.

To use your $250 as a deposit on a BlueGold® order, please e-mail receipt to Kathy


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