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About Us

We farm differently.

The bull you’ve heard from other nutrient lines and crop consultants to make sales stops at Eden. Farmers built Eden. We do not peddle products at your expense. We have no sales manager or sales team. Eden offers no incentivized commissions or monthly quota bonuses. We do not hold or attend meetings or seminars on sales tactics. Our bottom line is not built from robbing your sweat equity. We are after relationships with our farmers. How do we get relationships? Not by sales but by actual results: problem correction, farm restoration, and increased production and profits.

We strive to have the best Customer Service in the Industry because our BlueGold® growers and farmers matter to us. When growers and farmers speak to us on the phone, they tell us we are unlike any other Ag company. We never have and never will finesse our way to a sale telling farmers and growers what they want to hear. Most post-planting calls we receive are always emergencies. In 2019, we turned down thousands of acres because the plant sap and soil testing told us there was a train wreck in the fields. We have, humbly, saved enough farms and restored enough grows to know when to advise against planting before balancing the soil. The Ag industry is a slaughterhouse to most American farmers. Investments are being lost, and worse, family farms and homesteads are being foreclosed left and right due to conventional practices. We will not put our BlueGold® name on a field just for a product sale. We will not sell you a product just to make a profit. At Eden Solutions, we stop the onslaught and move our Customers towards quality.

Growers must be known for QUALITY because it is the only thing that separates the marketplace. Quality allows farmers and growers to angle a buyer’s market and dictate price points instead of being robbed. Balanced nutrition has two sides to achieve Quality. One, you must eradicate excesses and raise deficiencies simultaneously, while managing the total balance of plant available nutrient inputs. Two, know when to accelerate key ratios in Veg and Flower. We farm differently, but different is better with us.

Industry Standard is not a term we associate with. As a company, we offer a 100% Guarantee on every single BlueGold® Solution. We put our money where our mouth is. We are invested in your results. You may come to us with pest, disease, weeds, rotting fields, aluminum toxicity, etc., but we guarantee you it stops at Eden.
Proper nutrition knows no bounds and easily surpasses industry “standards.” We do not sell pesticides, fungicides, biocides, herbicides, insecticides. We have a NUTRIENT LINE for your farm, not band-aids for your gaping wounds. With BlueGold®, you won‘t see a 50% increase in a single season and then fall off the cliff in the next season or three years down the road, leaving you with little profit and maximum expenses. Witness the real production potential of your farm once BlueGold® restores the soil.

We will never tell you to mortgage, refinance, or borrow anything to be on our Grow Program. We understand budgets and respect them. Our Custom Blended Fert/Foliar Recommendations (based and quantified via independent revolutionary testing) can be adjusted to meet per acre budgets. On our Grow Program, you will see a production increase that continues to increase harvest after harvest. Our Grow Program is 100% Guaranteed. This means that regardless of the amount you invest with BlueGold®, we guarantee every dollar if the quantifying independent test shows no PPM correction. If it is not the highest quality, if it has not been tested and trialed on our farms before yours, if it has not been proven time and time again by real field studied results, we are not manufacturing it. We can, humbly, take your Commercial Operation and make the u-turn towards Organic in a single growing season, all the way to harvest, with a production increase.

Most soil is plagued with imbalances, chemical lockouts, or worse: excess toxicities (Aluminum, Sulfur, Nitrates, Potassium, Na Salts, and Chlorides. These plagues dictate grows if they are not test identified and nutrient corrected. Our Research & Development over the last decade has given us the knowledge and, humbly, the ability to do this quickly and thoroughly for continuous grower profit. Other Ag companies can identify soil excesses and deficiencies, as well as soil/sap, test their way through plant set and harvest. At Eden, we do more than identify your excesses; we correct them. Our Nutritional Inputs are second to none. You may think we sound like other Ag companies, but we do not farm like them. That proof is in our results. John F. Kennedy once said, “The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” Call us at 1-877-732-5360 to learn about our Guaranteed Grow Program and turn actual profits on BlueGold®.
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