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We are all about one thing: Delivered Results. 

All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America
by a family-founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

BlueGold® Custom Blends are required for the State of California. Please contact us if you are in the state of California.
Custom Blends are available according to Apical Sap and Soil Test Results. We charge $2 per gallon for Custom Blends.


Please view our 2024 Operating Schedule to see all Eden closed business days.

Please note on the Calendar, that we are closed on Thursdays starting April 4, 2024, thru March 6, 2025
All weekend orders are fulfilled on Monday depending on inventory, volume,
and FedEx/XPO/USPS observed federal holidays.

Sept 10th: Please order by Friday, Sept 6th to guarantee shipment by Monday, Sept 9th.
Sept 18-19th: Please order by Fri, Sept 13th to guarantee shipment by Tues, Sept 17th.
Sept 24th-Oct 1st: Please order by Tue, Sept 17th to guarantee shipment by Mon, Sept 23rd.

All orders will be fulfilled in the order received the next open business day.
We strive to get all orders out within 24 hours.

All nutrient management crisis orders take precedence.

If you need an overnight order or express rushed order please call us by 9 AM EST
to confirm the order and if it can meet your deadline: 307-275-7010.
[Please Note: FedEx 2 Day is not a guaranteed service and does not move Saturday/Sunday/Holidays]

Our products are unique. They have not been radiated or undergone any terminal sterilization. Our products are cold processed, following USDA’s National Organic Program, and we do the best we can to preserve all the inherent characteristics of our raw ingredients. As a result, these products are sensitive to harsh shipping conditions, especially in the warmer months. Therefore, each product may have a combination of vented lids, a larger container than necessary, extra bagging, or an irregular container than one would expect. Please know that every product leaves our hands clean, sealed, and pristine. We do not control the conditions that various shipping carriers put on the shipments. If your product arrives damaged (it leaked due to being left on its side or upside down despite our ‘this side up’ notices), we will happily replace what leaked. We are often generous in light of the clean-up that may be required. However, we do not fully replace entire shipments because of a leak – the products being worked with are fertilizing minerals/sugars – not food-grade products. If a product leaks ‘X amount,’ we will send you the ‘X amount’ replacement. We require pictures for claim purposes:

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