Blue Gold Garden Natural NOP Compliant Vegetable Gardening Liquid Plant Food Concentrate. Guaranteed Results. Natural Pest Control Fix Root Rot Plant Viruses Reduce Fertilizer. Increase Root Growth. ★ 100% NATURAL and NOP COMPLIANT for CERTIFIED ORGANIC PROGRAMS. Safe for All Garden Plants, Tomato, Herbs, Gardening Vegetables, Corn, Potatoes, Citrus, Lemon, Bamboo, Bonsai, Apple, Fruiting Trees, Indoor Trees, Trees, Palm, Shrubs, Fruits, Strawberry, Raspberry, Bushes, Ornamentals, Phlox, Exotic Plants, Tropical Plants, Perennial Plants, Cactus, Foliage Plants, Rock Garden Plants, Shade Plants, Low Light Plants, Container Plants, Potted Plants. Will Not Harm People or Animals. Made in USA. ★ GUARANTEED RESULTS! Eden Garden Vegetative Stage Nutrients create Healthy Garden Soil for Vegetable Garden, Organic Gardening, Plant Nursery, Fruit Plants, Greenhouse, Urban Gardening, Raised Bed Garden, Indoor Plants, Indoor Trees, Tower Garden, Herb Garden, Indoor Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Container Garden, Landscape Gardening. Our Cold, Non-Toxic, Spectrum Analysis Tested, Manufactured Natural, Biologically Alive, Nutrient Dense, Liquid Concentrate Formula makes up to 47 Gallons. ★ BLUE GOLD IS A BIO-SURFACTANT. Eden’s Proprietary Process converts 85+ Herbs, 90+ Minerals (14 sources), 35+ Seaweed Plants & Oceanic Clays, 21+ Plant Oils & Extracts for Remarkable Results and increased NPK absorption from air, water, fertilizer. Contains Natural Zinc Oxide. Includes sea kelp, carbon, azomite, calcium carbonate, silica, rock phosphate, ash, neem, yucca root, amino acids, molasses, mushroom, humic and fulvic, calendula and more. See photos for full ingredient list. ★ Our PLANT FOOD ROOT STIMULATOR PROMOTES EXPLOSIVE ROOT GROWTH, Reduces Water Consumption, Reduces Fertilizer (organic fertilizer, grass fertilizer, tomato fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, starter fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer) Input by 90% + Increases Nutrient Uptake. Use our Organic Plant Food as a Soil Conditioner, Soil Inoculant, Wetting Agent, Hard Soil Softener, Root Booster, in Foliar Spray or Foliar Feeding for more Nutritious Produce Stronger Bigger Plants Indoor and Outdoor Garden ★ INCREASE PLANT HEALTH for NATURAL PEST CONTROL (earwig, Japanese beetle, aphid, mites, thrips, mealybug, whitefly) and Natural Defenses against Plant Viruses, Plant Diseases, Plant Fungal Diseases (powdery mildew, dutch elm disease, tomato blight, root rot). Nutrient Rich Soil and Healthy Plants with High Brix Do Not Need Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides. Our Chemical Free Solution Will Not Harm Beneficial Insects, Bees, Birds, Earthworms. May Be Applied to Edibles up to Day of Harvest. Blue Gold Garden’s advanced nutrients specifically formulated to drive deep roots; huge production & reduce need for compost tea, fertilizer for plants, foliar fertilizer, citrus tree fertilizer, houseplant fertilizer, kelp fertilizer & other “garden essentials”. Our vital plant nutrients & organic soil amendments promote healthy gardening soil for weed control. Use our liquid plant food for soil nutrients, root booster, soil inoculant. Our anti fungal anti bacterial liquid root growth has humic fulvic acid & other soil additives to cure plant viruses plant fungal diseases (corn smut fire blight verticillium wilt anthracnose lawn fungus fusarium wilt apple scab, tree diseases sudden oak death damping-off lawn diseases leaf spot leaf curl early blight late blight cankers wheat rust botrytis blight tomato fungus cedar rust galls root rot treatment bacterial wilt cucumber diseases mosaic virus) and offer natural pest control against plant bugs (spider mites nematodes fungus gnats squash bugs whitefly grub worm hymenoptera cutworms leafhopper cucumber beetles weevils flea beetles leafminer sawfly potato beetles leafcutter bees scale insects cabbage worm squash vine borer cabbage looper borer beetle corn earworms white grubs mealy bug tomato pests mexican bean beetle tree borers slug control caterpillar snail repellent garden bugs etc). Eden gardening supplies for all hanging plants indoor, indoor herb garden plants, backyard gardening, home gardening, perennial garden, sustainable gardening, container farming, bonsai tree, tomato plant, bamboo plant, palm tree care, magnolia tree care, crab apple tree, growing potatoes, meyer lemon tree, raspberry plants, bamboo tree, boxwood shrub, palm plants, bonsai garden, lemon tree indoor, fig tree care, ground cover plants, citrus tree, corn plant care, lemon tree care, organic strawberry plants, citrus food, natural lawn care, root starter, root growth hormone, lawn fungus control MORE! greenhouse, gardening, hydroponics, gardening raised beds, nursery plants, aquaponics, pest control house plants, indoor plants, hanging plants, gardening plants, tower garden, plant viruses, lawn care perennial plants, tree diseases, container gardening, houseplants, shade plants, indoor gardening bonsai tree, bamboo plant, bambooo tree, lemon tree, tropical plant, ground cover plant, citrus 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In Florida, a Citrus farm was experience severe drops in addition to an ever increasing decline of production. Implementing the Eden program, the farm experienced zero drops and largest production in over a decade. Additionally, the farmer got to experience the miracles seen when using Eden Solutions. Watch as the wildlife follow the spray tank, drinking the Eden Blue Gold.

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