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BlueGold® Eden Carbon (OMRI Listed)


BlueGold® Eden Carbon (OMRI Listed) enables you to use grams per acre with significantly greater results vs. pounds per acre with marginal results.

All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family-founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

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Carbon (C) is an essential element to organic matter, biological activity, enzymatic actions, absorption of poisonous and volatile chemicals… The list goes on. Without Carbon, water does not process in plants, animals, or people and Chloride and Petroleum lockouts are abundant and nutrient ratios in the soil are imbalanced.



Our BlueGold® Eden Carbon is an all-natural, low Sodium Activated Carbon source that undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bioavailability and combines the micronized Carbon source with our flagship BlueGold® technology. BlueGold® Eden Carbon is formulated from charcoals of coconut, hardwood, and bamboo. Our Carbon is steam activated rather than chemically activated with no risk of left behind chemical traces that can be dangerous. Most growers are unaware of the impact an activated carbon source has on the soil in relation to the pH and toxicity levels induced by petrochemical pollutants synthetic fertilizers, and chlorides. Steam activation dramatically increases the enlarging of pores and increasing the surface area for improved soil penetration and increased porosity to detox your soil.

BlueGold® Eden Carbon, on average, has a surface area of 1,000 m2/g, which is about 125 acres of surface per pound. BlueGold® Eden Carbon is a superior soil rectifier built from Carbon sources that will not leech or run from your soil. The BlueGold® Eden Carbon ingredients are micronized via cold mechanical processes and have been proven to have a negative charge. Then your soil is stressed from pollutants, BlueGold® Eden Carbon is the perfect soil detox to get you back on track with an energized toxin-reduced harvest.



BlueGold® Eden Carbon is an OMRI-listed Input (please contact your certifier before use). BlueGold® Eden Carbon should only be applied in accordance with an Apical Soil/Plant Sap Analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates.

Do not use with synthetically enhanced or grow media with excesses of Na Sodium, Chlorides, Aluminum, Sulfur, Magnesium, Potassium, NO3/NH4, Iron, Boron with BlueGold®. We strongly recommend avoiding ocean-based products high in Na Sodium, Chlorides, and other salts with our Solutions and Sulfur-based products, salt, and heavy metal loaded humates, manures (primarily commercial), and composts (especially mushroom, dead animal, etc.), etc. These inputs are upside down with excesses. The BlueGold® Grow System is based on balanced Nutritionals. By itself, BlueGold®, at recommended rates using Apical Testing, will not harm ANY crop, plant, biology, system, human, animal, environment, pollinator, or beneficial (including birds, butterflies, earthworms, etc.)Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. Very recent or current use of chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, bactericides, miticides, pesticides, biocides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, pH Up/Down chemicals, dyes, etc., – all can cause an unfavorable interaction due to the Wetting Agent properties of BlueGold® Solutions, which can magnify the strength of said chemical. Strengthened doses of those chemicals can result in direct stress, burning, or death of plants. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, at recommended rates, without chemical interactions, will never cause these issues in any plant or soil (when used as directed)Users must respect BlueGold® labels and manufacturer warnings to not combine with chemical/synthetic/excess element inputs by +/- 90%. It is user choice against our directions/recommendations. If you encounter problems in the plants from the previous mentioned by your choice, STOP. If you quickly move the pH to 6.4 with the help of pH adjusters, without adjusting inputs, you’re drastically making inputs more available, which results in stressed, burned, or dead plants from too big of a hit from the nutrients that are now available at a much higher % than previously. This is especially true when all the chemical/synthetic/excesses stored up flood the plants at even higher EC/PPM values. Likewise, if you do not adjust inputs while using BlueGold®, as soil/sap pH is driven to 6.4, the same can happen over an extended period depending on soil and watering conditions.

As the manufacturer, we offer a 100% Guarantee when used as directed, within the Eden Guaranteed Grow Program. A limited guarantee restricted to exclusive use with BlueGold® products and systems subject to the Apical soil, sap, water testing conditions, and Postal damages. No warranty or fitment of purpose promised.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

32oz, 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 60 gallon, 120 gallon, 180 gallon, 240 gallon, 275 gallon


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