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All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family-founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

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BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is formulated only with Certified Organic and FDA GRAS Ingredients. At Eden Solutions, we strive to meet your needs effectively and efficiently as always, through 100% natural and organic ingredients. Our all-in-one dietary supplement solution enhances hydration and washes intestinal bio-film allowing for increased nutrient uptake while also introducing an increase in oxidation potential, promoting enhanced immune functions. Through increased hydration and proper nutrient uptake and absorption animals will experience an increase in overall health and quality of life including: cellular hydration increase, assisted suppression of parasites, pathogens, toxins, viruses, diseases (reduction/remediation of coccidiosis), healing of the digestive system (lubricating and soothing protection of internal mucous membranes and washing of bio-film from the stomach and G.I. tracts), appetite stimulation, nutrient absorption increase (proven to decrease how much your pet eats overall while enhancing the efficiency of their feed conversion), lean meat weight gain, reproduction increase (ovulation, take rates, embryo counts, per counts), mortality rates decrease, increase in milk production for lactating animals, rejuvenation of cell repair, reduction of joint pain, eyesight enhancement, support of the skin, coat, heart, brain, and more, muscle protection increase, calming of the nervous systems (within 24-48 hours), and more. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® will not harm the immune system and has no known side effectsCaution: BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® will enhance medicines’ and pharmaceuticals’ efficacy and side effect reactions. Never combine with pharmaceuticals. We advise you to speak to your Vet before use. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® has a proven history and has been used successfully and safely with horses, cattle (beef and dairy), all poultry (including turkey), goats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, lamb, rabbits, ferrets, all rodents (gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, guinea pigs), all birds (canaries, parakeets, corvids, parrots), reptiles (turtles, lizards, snakes). It has been study proven and found to provide antibiotic qualities, alleviate fatigue, and remediate: loss of appetite, parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, UTIs, respiratory infections, coat/hair issues, and skin conditions (fungi, rashes, dermatitis), and more. Super concentrate and has a long-lasting three-year shelf life. Treat all water consistently with BlueGold® Grand Champion PME®. Proper dosage occurs as animals drink their daily water allowance according to weight and size. This makes it extremely easy to deliver to an entire farm of animals by using a dosing pump (mechanical or electronic) to treat the entire water supply. Our solution can be a safe water additive with any antibiotic-and-hormone-free diet. Blue Gold™ animals are vibrant and healthy. Safely experience Amazing Results with our Independent Lab and Field Study proven nutritional supplement. 

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Toxicology Report Confirmed. View Midwest Lab Report here.

What if you did not need antibiotics to increase animal health? Read Southern Poultry Report here.

Read Dr. Terry Wood, DVM’s review of Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® here.



Use a base rate of 3 drops (0.15 mL/cc) per gallon of clean, properly filtered drinking water for any size or type of animal. After that, you can go as low as 0.072 ccs per gallon. You may increase the PME® to 6 drops during very high-stress situations for a short time, but you must call (1-307-275-7010) for verification from us to use these rates and for the length of time. When running PME® with Alphazymes, you can use them at the same rate as Grand Champion PME®, or 10 mL per 100 pounds of animal body weight. We recommend Steam Distilled Water with the VOCs filtered out. Suppose your pets are stressed, going into or coming out of a stressed environment, or you are about to move or ship the animals (shipping animals use for 48 hrs. before transport). In that case, this is when we would recommend 6 drops of USAGE RATES per gallon of clean water for the first week, and then fall back to the above USAGE RATES per gallon of clean, properly filtered water. But, again, please call before administering this dose. NOTE: By adding BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® to the VOC-free distilled water, it is creating a superior re-mineralization process, ensuring no risk from prolonged use of distilled water. Prolonged use of distilled water without adding minerals is known to rob inorganic minerals from the body.

BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® works and offers a lot of benefits. We say this with confidence from years of user verification on tens of thousands of animals with no known side effects to date. However, we understand no one likes purchasing a new product on faith, this is why we post so many testimonials; and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, subject to terms and conditions if you fail to see results if you fail to see results! This is a manufacturer’s guarantee, so your retailer will be unable to address the claim. To resolve claims we will require a receipt showing proof of purchase, and in some rare cases may require the return of the product. Be sure to contact us directly to discuss your concerns and repayment either by calling us on 1-307-275-7010 or emailing The guarantee does not cover BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® use outside our directions and recommendations. Claims will not be approved for a misused product. Use of city water or in conjunction with other products constitutes misuse. This product has been independently researched, studied, tested, and verified for results and with the conclusion of, ‘no adverse reaction is known to date.’ This product has not been tested with the FDA, USDA, or any other governmental body overseeing the use of products with animals. This product is not a probiotic, drug, or medicine but a nutritional supplement. It is not claimed to treat, manage or cure any disease or condition. ANIMAL USE ONLY.  BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is a highly concentrate value solution, as a little goes a long way, so do not feed in the bottle concentrate form at any time! 



A simple way to understand supplements and nutrients: It is not available if it is not water-soluble. Period. This is key for any nutrient absorption across membrane barriers. Solid feeds can only reach optimized nutritional absorption rates when your pet’s stomach acids, biology, immune system, and body pH are in perfect harmony and at proper levels. An imbalanced digestive and immune system will cause higher levels of undigested feeds, resulting in lower feed conversions. In addition to the above, one of the most significant issues plaguing digestion in animals today is intestinal bio-film and leaky gut, which directly inhibits the proper absorption of nutrients. Bio-films are groupings of anaerobic bacteria that grow in the stomach lining and G.I. tracts. Once they reach maturity, they break off into multiples (like dandelion seeds when you blow on them) and attach to more areas of the lining/tracts to grow more bio-film. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® washes away these harmful bio-films from your pet’s digestive system to enhance their gut health and digestion processes.  

Animal Resistance (pH) Levels:
A general definition of ‘pH’ is potential hydrogen. However, a more scientific and accurate understanding is that pH stands for ionic resistance. The lower the pH, the lower the resistance, and the higher the pH, the higher the resistance. Understanding pH is critical to pets’ health and how ‘active’ they are. Our research and the studies of many reputable professionals have indicated the perfect pH level in the saliva and urine is 6.4. Using this knowledge, we have achieved phenomenal results with increased feed conversions. Feed conversion is how efficiently your pet converts the food into usable nutrients and energy. Your pet’s saliva is a direct mirror image of their liver bile, their enzyme manufacturer. The urine pH level is a mirror image of the processed or outgoing nutritional average pH value. Both these sources should match a 6.4 pH. This is where BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® excels in that it messages the pH to 6.4 throughout your pet’s entire body (water) over time. The measure of pH is unique: 3/10ths is a huge difference. For example, a pH of 6.1 is 300% lower than 6.4. A pH of 7.4 is 1000% higher than 6.4. A pH below 6.4 is a sign that macro-nutrients are missing in your pet’s food (locked out), while a pH above 6.4 is a sign that micro-nutrients are missing (locked out) in your pet’s food. A 6.4 pH resistance is your pet’s optimal nutritional balanced zone. Your pet comprises 80% +/- water, and this is where the resistance of 6.4 matters most. 

Water is the most essential element on earth but is said by many scientists to be the least understood. If your water pH is off by 1000% (7.4 vs. 6.4), the overall pH level of the animal will be significantly affected and hinder the ability to achieve the proper resistance (pH) of 6.4. for proper nutrient conversion. When your pet’s drinking water source is adjusted correctly, the proper ionic resistance can be obtained much more efficiently, allowing the animal’s digestion to maximize food digestion and nutrient absorption. The most crucial factor is that City Water sources should be avoided at all costs, as the chemicals used to ‘purify the water negatively affect ionic digestion efficiency in a powerful way. Spring or Well Water sources are optimal. Alternatively, pets can use Steam Distilled Water or Reverse Osmosis water with VOCs removed for small water consumption levels. In these small environments with clean water, we have seen great success adding ½ teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to 1 gallon of clean water, then adding the BlueGold® Grand Champion PME®. Our pets love this recipe very much. Cellular hydration in your pet is one of the primary keys to health. A hydrated cell will carry more electrical energy than a dehydrated cell. This is one reason you will see your pet’s water consumption increase when they are on the BlueGold® Grand Champion PME®. Common chemicals in City Water include Hydroflurosallicic Acid, Ammonia, Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Perchlorate(s), PCBs, MTBE, and Bromine, to name a few, are not beneficial to an animal’s body. We challenge you to research these for yourself to see how your water source choice truly matters.

BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is safe for all animal gestation periods, lactating, nursing mothers, nursing newborns, weaned animals, studs, and aging and young animals in any environment. Always have clean environments, clean equipment, and a clean water source for optimum results. Higher milk production. Common Problems with Gestation: Protein supply during gestation! Microbial protein is the most efficient source of protein for your pet as its amino acid profile is very similar to that of milk. By promoting proper digestive microbial levels and ensuring proper non-protein nitrogen (NPN) uptake, as well as amino acids and energy, milk production goes through the roof! It is essential to ensure a consistent daily supply of NPN, and a failing digestive system cannot absorb this vital nutrient from the feed. Correcting the digestive biofilm health optimizes the digestive function, allowing for maximized health, fertility, and performance—low-quality breast milk production problems. 

Gut Health:
Gut health is essential for nutrient uptake, the efficiency of which is directly related to disease prevention, immune function, and quality of life. Healthy animals will eat properly and drink more to live happier lives, naturally assuring they perform at their maximum potential! BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, deterring bad bacteria, re-mediating viral conditions, toxins, pathogens, parasites, and diseases, building and boosting natural immune defenses, and maximizing overall growth and health efficiency. Proper Omega 3/6 ratios are critical and raw diets have been proven very good. Common Problems with Gut Integrity and Digestibility: Gut stability is vital for raising pets with a fantastic quality of life! Required from birth onward, attentive care and support of your pet’s gut needs to maintain healthy micro-flora in their intestinal tracts. An optimum digestive function is achieved when nutrients supplied do not counteract stomach resistance (pH) and microbe levels. Digestive energy is the driver of digestive activity and cannot occur in bio-film; resistance (pH) imbalances and immune functions are below optimum levels. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® promotes healthy microbial levels, particularly “fiber digesters,” which are responsible for utilizing non-protein nitrogen. Digestive health cannot be supported and cared for too much. It is an essential factor for optimum pet health. Research has shown that many digestive disorders occur when partly digested nutrients are passed through the gut to the small intestine. This indicates a failure to digest and uptake the feed, resulting in deficient nutrient levels, lowered immune functions, decreased production, leaky gut, and allergies. A build-up of this feed in the lower gut is a breeding ground for disease and harmful organisms. By correcting digestibility through pH balance and BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® and its inherent properties, which deter the growth of diseases and harmful organisms, the gut microflora can improve and achieve the right balance. Many of our users report this fantastic enhancement, among many others.

Biology Control:
Biology is at the root of all life on Earth! Safeguarding your pet starts with the quality of your feed and managing bacterial growth in your pet’s feed and water, which controls the growth of harmful or good bacteria inside your pets. Effective bacteria management is about addressing all the issues as one challenge. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is designed to address these issues and help safeguard your pet’s health. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is intended to deter the growth of biofilm bacteria and promote the growth of healthy bacteria. We believe a safe and healthy pet begins with a 1.2 pH gut system to digest effectively/adequately.

Feed Efficacy:
As feed costs represent the most expensive aspect for many pet owners, often accounting for up to 70 percent of costs in owning a pet, it is essential to ensure each bite of food is digested efficiently and turned into proper cellular energy! BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® helps achieve efficient feed digestion through increased gut health and resistance (pH) balance. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is a proven safe. With no known side effects, technology that works naturally with your pet’s digestive and immune system to stabilize digestive enzymes and good bacteria, resistance (pH), maximize nutrient absorption, and therefore reduce the overall cost of your pet’s food by causing your pet to eat less because they’re correctly absorbing the nutrition. Grain pet feeds been proven to imbalance the Omega 3/6 balance.

Not all pet owners are interested in reproducing; however, even if reproductive organs have been removed/altered (or not), addressing this aspect is still essential to maintaining a healthy pet! The nutritional management of animals directly influences fertility performance, particularly in lactation. Often, fertility is an issue not focused on until the moment it is needed, but in reality, fertility is a process that starts with managing the quality of the embryo. BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® has been Veterinarian tested, and Independent Study has proven to increase embryo and sperm counts significantly. The adrenal glands being properly fatty acid fed is key here. 

Stress (Nutrition, Heat, Dehydration):

Environmental and weather conditions can cause stress to your pet. This is not new information. We have covered nutrient issues quite well, which will cause stress at improper levels. Another major stress factor is heat and dehydration. Carbon is the governor of water absorption. Even though your pets drink their water, their bodies can only hold so much. Carbon is the governing factor that dictates how much water your pets can store. Carbon is in every cell of their body (along with Iodine). One pound of carbon can absorb up to 5 pounds of water. By addressing the carbon levels of your pets through BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® (water and nutritional supplement with carbon as an ingredient), proper carbon levels are achieved, allowing your pet to consume appropriate amounts of water and hold it more efficiently. Just like a healthy animal would not drink itself to death, a carbon-imbalanced animal will not drink more than it can hold. This increase in water consumption allows the animal’s system to handle heat conditions while eliminating dehydration more readily.

Sunshine: Another critical factor for your pet’s optimum health is getting enough natural sunlight. Sunlight at noon produces UVB, the highest form of ‘storable ‘vitamin D that the liver will store for up to three months. Each one minute in the 12-noon sunlight will produce 1000 IU of vitamin D. Early AM and late PM sunlight is also so critical for your pets nutrient assimilation because the sun at these times has the highest UVA light spectrum that re-charges the cellular mitochondria and increases ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production. Study the animals on the Serengeti Plain of Africa and see every day they will stare into the coming sun as they know they need the UVA light spectrum of early and late evening sunshine; studies have proven all these sunshine attributes. We hope this helps, as always, so please call with any concerns or questions at 1-307-275-7010. We are here to help in any way we can for you to raise healthy animals, as we do without side effects.  

Studies have proven that feeds containing commercial grain(s) for animals contain high levels of Ag chemicals such as herbicides/pesticides, with warnings of these carcinogenic chemicals in use. These grains can cause allergic reactions on the skin, which cause high levels of stress from the severe itching (among other side effects like; leaky gut) caused by the high/higher grain diet levels. Research all the ingredients in your pet’s food and make your own decisions on your research. It does exist. Sites like can shed insight on so-called problematic conditions. As always by law, we suggest any changes be submitted to your pet’s health care advisor if you have one; first? Steam Activated Coconut Carbon is an all-natural negative charged element that has been study proven to grab and hold toxic chemical elements in food and water sources and expel them out of the pet’s body. These elements can be sprinkled on their food/feeds to help reduces or eliminate toxins, as the studies have shown. As always, research is an excellent source of information when studied. 



BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® is a hydrotrope concentrate formula made from all-natural sources, for a superior dietary supplement:

Herbals: Aloe Vera, Angelica, Anise Seed, Arrowroot, Barberry Root, Barley Seed, Beet Root, Bhringari Leaf, Black Cumin Seed, Black Mission Fig, Blueberry Fruit, Kola Leaf, Butchers Broom, Cacao Beans, Calendula Flower, Chamomile Flower, Camu Camu, Cardamon, Chaga Mushroom, Chlorella, Comfrey Leaf, Coconut Flour, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cranberry Fruit, Cumin Seed, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Ang & Pupa., Elecampane Root, Essiac, Eucalyptus Leaf, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Ginseng Root, Golden Seal, Graviola, Hemp Protein, Hibiscus Flower, Hyssop, Lucuma, Lavender Flowers, Mangosteen, Milk Thistle, Monk Fruit, Moringa Leaf, Moringa Seed, Maitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Napal Cactus, Nettle Root, Olive Leaf, Oregano, Pennyroyal, Peppermint Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Red Clover Leaf, Red Clover Seed, Saigon Cinnamon, Shavegrass, Spilanthes, St. Johns Wart, Thyme.

Oceanic Kelps: Alaria (Alaria esculenta), Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis), Dulse (Palmaria palmata), Irish Moss (Chondrus cispus), Rockweed Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum), Kombu Kelp (Saccharina latissima), Nori Flakes (Porphyra spp.), Sea Lettuce (Utua lactuca), Icelandic Lichen Moss.

Minerals: Calcium Carbonate (Fossilized Sea Kelp – Raw Ocean Sourced), Quartz, Calcium Chloride (Sea Salt).

Oils: Beeswax, Moringa, Pine Needle, Black Cumin. Special Oil Blend: Coconut, Olive, Bergamont, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Red Palm, Tea Tree, Moringa

Extracts: Fulvic Acid, Coconut Vinegar, Honey, Molasses, Coconut Nectar, Maple Powder, Yucca Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Iodide

Inactive Ingredients: Sea Salts, Diatomaceous Earth, Clinoptilolite Zeolite, Silicon Dioxide (Olivine), Azomite, Calcium Phosphate, Attapulgite Clay, Potassium Sulfate, Dolomite, Quartz, Bamboo Carbon (Steam Activated), Coconut Carbon (Steam Activated), Hardwood Carbon, Beeswax

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

32oz, Qt Special, 1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 1 Gal. Special, 2.5 Gallon, 2.5 Gal. Special, 60 gallon, 120 gallon, 180 gallon, 240 gallon, 275 gallon

44 reviews for BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® (NOP)

  1. brad kinney

    It was like she became her old puppy self again! We experienced immediate results with Grand Champion for our dog, she always had a constant eye crust and in n out of red irritated skin on her belly, fairly common for the breed too (American Bulldog) within just 1 day immediate changes occurred. Her eyes cleared up, her skin went back to normalcy, and her behavior was more vibrant and playful than before. It was like she became her old puppy self again, We are surely enjoying this unique and wonderful product. It sure seems to me that Eden Solutions is onto some greater ideas, products, and purposes than the rest. I have tried so many of their products now and I cannot help but praise their good works !!! Give Eden Solutions a try !!!! Health is Wealth !! –brad kinney

  2. Customer

    Very impressed with the results in our Dogs! Very impressed with this product! Initially bought the Grand Champion to help our Akita (Nora) combat a strange skin condition due to a reaction from a flea collar. Nora dropped all of her hair within days after placing the collar on her. She also became very lethargic and “Mopey”. The vet wanted to prescribe a whole slew of antibiotics for her condition to the tune of $3,900. We were fortunate that we stumbled across Blue Gold Grand Champion and thank God we did! Nora started growing back her hair, and more importantly, her attitude has perked back up and she is a lot more playful and energetic. As you will see in the video attached, Nora is now able to jump up into the car, which she was not been able to do since 2012 after she tore her left ACL at just under 2 years old. Now you can see at the age of almost 8 years old she can jump again! Please see the video. Maya our Rottweiler lab mix was put on the Blue Gold by proxy because the dogs share the same the same water bowl. In the beginning, Maya experienced a 12 lb. weight gain. Because of the Grand Champion’s ability to improve feed conversion, we were able to cut her food intake from 4 cups a day down to 2.5. Maya’s coat is also extremely shiny and she no longer has any dry skin or dandruff. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a pet. Amazing Results. Thank you! –Customer

  3. organicisbetter

    Chickens love it! As do other animals…Been using in the chicken waterer – the birds love it and it helps lesson molt and the anxiety during it. I think the egg production may be up and I look forward to it extending their season of laying as we don’t force them in winter. Since using there is zero algae film in the water container and it is spotless. I also spray the chickens down as well as their coop, and it helps their feathers and reduces odors. Same deal in bird baths – wild birds go nuts for it and the water stays clear and clean. The dog seems to enjoy it as well and she makes sure she gets her fair share. Love the fact that the ingredients are entirely from nature and health promoting. –organicisbetter

  4. Shirley Read

    No more shedding! This product is amazing. We have 3 yellow labs, and they shed ALOT. After supplementing their drinking water with Grand Champion, the shedding was dramatically reduced. Their coats are very shiny, and really soft. We could see changes within a week to ten days. Any lab owner knows how much they shed. We are extremely satisfied with the product, and recommend it very highly. Great stuff!!! –Shirley Read

  5. Ranchwife

    Great product! I love this product!! I had a Show lamb with salmonella and couldn’t get any weight on him, after about 10 days of this in his water ha started gaining 6-8 pounds a week!! I highly recommend as a supplement!! –Ranchwife

  6. George

    Blue Gold Grand Champion is the best stuff in the whole world.
    Exaggerated you say. Well let’s see.
    This is my SECOND (2) bottle.
    When I received the first bottle Rufus was getting to be one of those chubby hot dogs. We had lost our Boston Terrier 2 winters ago. Well after she was gone Rufus was a little down, as we all were.
    He took a long time to stop looking for her. Rufus seemed to have lost some of his mojo.
    Well I was telling James at Blue Gold by Eden Solutions he sent me some
    Blue Gold Grand Champion.
    Well in a couple weeks I saw a difference in Rufus. Water uptake was better he seemed to be utilizing his food better, more energy. Most important of all he was bugging me to play all the time. Oh, and that stuff in the corner of his eyes, GONE his eyes are clear as a bell.
    I highly recommend Blue Gold Grand Champion.
    And if you have a garden TRY All their growing formulas. They are a true blessing from GOD.
    Chceck out my review on
    Blue Gold for Roses on AMAZON.
    Thanks, George

  7. Dawn

    Superior Product with Fast Acting Results! Super Product!!! Increased Show Goat appetites and weight gains. Fast acting product with superior results. Also administered in water to a show lamb with sore mouth. All outward visible signs of sore mouth were gone within 48 hours. Highly Recommend!!! –Dawn

  8. Gina D.

    Seems happier and her fur is so much softer and shiny. We purchased this product due to the fact that my 8-year-old Shi-Tzu had started limping and was having stiffness after getting up from sleeping. We have been using this now for two months and since then she is no longer limping, seems happier and her fur is so much softer and shiny. We fill a gallon of water and leave it next to her drinking bowl and just keep filling it from there. She drinks it without hesitation. Great product. –Gina D.

  9. mika vinson

    Good product. So far so good. I have two cats and a dog who is aging. They all drink the water that has this stuff just fine. I feel that I’m doing something good for them by giving them this supplement. It’s too early to say if It’s helping all of them. One cat was sick which is why I bought this in the first place. He seems to be back to his brat self. LOL. –mika vinson

  10. L. Flowers

    Liquid gold! My vet recommended this for a little Nubian doeling I had that just wasn’t thriving. I had her tested for some genetic diseases that can cause stunted growth, checked for coccidia and other parasites only to have everything return normal. I started her and the rest of my goats on this in their water and was amazed to see her thrive, gain weight, and completely transform before my eyes over a few month period. I now give it to my goats, chickens, rabbits, and all of my dogs. Raising 2 litters of puppies on it now, and look forward to seeing how it helps with potential parasite load. Mothers have been on it since the beginning and they are extremely healthy during the stressful time of lactating. I’m pleased and will keep purchasing from my local vet! –L. Flowers

  11. Garrett Lindsey

    Excellent! Saw results with all of my animals within 24 hours. I am amazed. –Garrett & Lindsey

  12. Shiva

    Works wonders on dogs internally and externally giving a brilliant shiny coat! This product is very beneficial to many animals I use on my 2 German Shepards 1 was gravely I’ll taken to 3 vets with no answer with this product she has began to put weight back on and shows signs of a great product . I would like access to a larger vial of it! –Shiva

  13. Robert Jupiter

    Great product. Thank you! -Robert Jupiter

  14. Marion Rigsby

    Saved our Shih Tzu! This stuff is amazing. My shih tzu is 10 years old, partially blind and deaf. He become lethargic and would not eat. Within a few days, he started eating and playing more. So glad we purchased this amazing product. –Marion Rigsby

  15. Tom Ealey

    Five Stars. Amazing stuff. –Tom Ealey

  16. Karin

    What a great supplement! I’m so glad I decided to try this product it is the best supplement I have ever used for my cats, and I have noticed a considerable difference in my cats itching, they are not shedding at all after 4 months of using and are drinking high water consumption and have a high energy level that they hadn’t had in quite awhile!. I highly recommend this product and I will continue to use this probably for ever .Thank you for making this and helping all animals. –Karin

  17. Cheryl mine

    Highly recommended water additive for baby chicks! Truly works wonders for my baby chicks. They are spunky and healthy. Highly recommend to keep your flock healthy!! –Cheryl mine


  18. Roxanne

    Really works! LOVE this product! Transformed our laying hens, some of them who are getting older, into egg machines! Has helped them through the molting process. the concept of this product is incredible. Something I really believe in. Lightning fast shipping as well! When our animals and chickens run out, I do notice a difference. –Roxanne

  19. Luke Vickrey

    Highly Recommended! I use this for rabbits. It has increased the overall health of my herd and has dramatically increased my litter counts. There coats look great and have amazing texture. I would highly recommend this product. –Luke Vickrey

  20. Randy Chandler

    Good start on a better quality life for him. My dog was very picky of his water supply. I have a natural spring so the water is of utmost quality. He still had to have fresh water 3-4 times a day. I started using the Grand Champion and noticed he started consuming his water at a greater rate and without as much change over during the day. So far that is my observation but that seems to be a very good sign the Grand Champion is a needed supplement for him. Basically he is more attracted to the water with the addition of blue gold. –Randy Chandler

  21. LAURA T

    Amazing! I have to say this stuff is amazing. I have an elderly cat that had little red bumps around her hind area and her face. My cat was in such discomfort she was biting at these areas and ripping out her fur.I took her to the vet and they put her antibiotic which, helped until they took her off. Then, it all started again. When I took her back to the vet they wanted to give her a heavy dose of steroids along with a skin biopsy. Do to her age I didn’t want to do this to her. I Did some research to see if there was another alternative. I ended up finding this and it cleared her up. Her bumps are gone and her fur has been growing back! I have two other elderly cats that seem more energetic and doing things that they did when they were kittens. I’m going to keep giving them this. –LAURA T.

  22. Paula Jackson

    Just added to their water. Easy to administer and benefits my cats. –Paula Jackson

  23. rebecca s

    Cat was feeling better in 24 Hours. I have a cat that was a real lap cat, always snuggling and slept with me right next to me every night. The past few months he stopped coming upstairs with me and I noticed he was struggling to get comfortable, was cautious with ever step and was not eating so losing weight. If your worried about your pet I would try this. I know it sounds to good to be true but the next night my cat, Doodle, stayed with me all night and every night since. His appetite seems to be picking up so hopefully he will put on a little weight. I’d really like to know if this works so well for animals is there a human version of this stuff? –rebecca s

  24. FreezingTeacher

    Good. I use this mostly for a stray cat that is ferral and I put it in food that I leave for the little fellow. He comes at night and I worried about fleas and health and I believe this helps him. –FreezingTeacher

  25. larissa eads

    Would recommend it to anyone! Amazing stuff!! –larissa eads

  26. Customer

    It seemed to help my older dog move better and perk up. -Customer

  27. Arthur Art

    Five stars! Put in my cats fountain……they do drink a little at a time. –Arthur Art

  28. Kevin R. Seiter

    Best additive ever. This product enhances the nutrition my dogs get, and they seem to have more energy. Their coats are shiny and they have a lot of energy. I This will continue to be an addition to their diet. –Kevin R. Seiter

  29. Kevin R. Seiter

    Best additive ever. My favorite seller Eden has come out with a wonderful pet supplement which I add to their water. Their digestive systems work great, their coats are shiny and they don’t itch or bother them. This is the best pet supplement I have used and Highly recommend it if you love your pets. –Kevin R. Seiter

  30. don cruser

    We use it for our chickens. We feel like they lay better and seem healthier on it! Thank you for being on Amazon!!! –don cruser

  31. Ramona

    Highly recommended! I have used the Blue Gold before and this is a reorder. I use it for my dog’s water. I use a filtered water for my dog, but I definitely add the Blue gold. –Ramona

  32. Sonny’s 305 Farms

    Grand Champion is no Understatement! This product is easy to use and is also cost effective. The concentrate formula uses a small amount. Our show chickens would always come home from a show with some complications. Since using this product we’ve seen zero illness, insects and an increase in egg production. We are using this product now in conjunction with Eden Enzymes and the results have been amazing even with our show goats! –Sonny’s 305 Farms

    grand champion pme

  33. lmhwk

    Helped my old kitty cat. My old timer MJ, has trouble with his digestion and bad breath. (He throws up a lot) But since I’ve been using this Blue Gold product his breath and digestion problems have improved quite a bit. Haven’t really noticed changes in the other cats, but they were healthy to begin with. I put a teaspoon in a gallon jug with water and labeled it cat water, so no humans would drink it. Good product, and lasts a long time. –lmhwk

  34. Kristi

    Not enough for total results. So far its all good, time will tell on how its working on the animals. I will keep ordering some for a couple months to see. –Kristi

  35. LN

    The gerbils didn’t balk at drinking water with this in it. We got this based on a recommendation from our local pet supply store. She said she’d heard about it from her friend who’d tried it on her dog and goat with good results. We had two gerbils (Emotional Support Animals for our children), both just over 2 and a half yrs old. One of the gerbils was pretty ill and we were on desperate measures at that point when I bought this stuff. I showed the ingredients to our vet and she said she didn’t think it would hurt either of the gerbils to have it in their water, so we tried it out. The ill gerbil who was on medication did seem to perk up a bit briefly but then declined again and passed away, but he was likely on his way out anyway. The other gerbil has continued to drink the water with this stuff in it and we haven’t seen any ill effects. He actually seems a bit perkier than we expected him to be after his bro passed. His fur is nice and clean and fluffy and he’s eating his food, tunneling, gathering nice stuff for his nest, napping, chewing his cardboard and plotting how to escape his playpen – all the usual gerbilly things. So we’ll keep using this and hopefully it will help keep him healthy for a long time. We were concerned that the gerbils wouldn’t drink the water with this in it, but they’ve had no problems drinking actually. –LN

  36. David Parks

    Porduct A++++++ keeps worms all works from forming or being able to live in a dog even the heart worm is prevented if properly used love this company and product. –David Parks

  37. Frank

    Great value. Get yourself a dropper or medical spoon with measurement markings before hand. Mixes easily. The liquid is concentrated and needs to be mixed with a container of water so I got as close as I could to the amount to add to the water jug I used. –Frank

  38. Drborig

    Healthy cats. Once I got the dosage correct for my watering bowls, the cats drink often and seem to have more energy. –Drborig

  39. Darcy

    Great product. I love this product. –Darcy

  40. brad kinney

    Amazing product !!! Such a great product – I use this with my 7 year old American Bulldog she looks and acts like she is 3 !!! I highly recommend this item for your animals as well. Amazon could do better with their shipping process – but the product is stellar !!! –brad kinney

  41. MRD

    Amazing product. My dog drinks the blue gold water everyday. So much healthier than tap or spring water. –MRD

  42. Alberto Lumami Ferreira

    Very good item. Just keep it up. –Alberto Lumami Ferreira

  43. Customer

    It works. I don’t know, how but it works! My cats started drinking water more often and I can see positive changes in their behavior after a few months of using this product. I will buy it again (but it won’t happen soon as the bottle will last for a year). –Customer

  44. kaine galloway

    I’ve been giving this to my dog for a about a week now. She definitely seems to have more energy and is eating better. I’m eager to see what the long term results are. On top of that, the shipping was very quick and on time. An all around good experience. –kaine galloway

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