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BlueGold® pH Adjusters (pH UP & pH DOWN)

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BlueGold® pH Adjustors (pH Up & pH Down) will not harm any biology, nutrients, people, animals, roots, or the environment when used as directed. BlueGold® pH Adjusters are not NOP-Compliant and not permitted for use in Organic Programs.

All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

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  1. First, test all below with a 1-5 gallon bucket to calculate how much you will need to get to the desired 6.4 pH (or pond 6.9 to 7.2) range.
  2. Fill the bucket/reservoir. (If city water is used, let it sit for 48 hours in an open container to outgas some of the chemicals.)
  3. Add all your nutrients to the test bucket, up to your desired EC / PPM level. Stir in with a wooden stir stick. (Wood will not give off a charge capacity liken to a metal or plastic stir stick; which can hinder your nutrients.)
  4. While stirring or circulating, dribble in, by syringe or eyedropper, a measured amount of the BlueGold® pH Solution till you reach the 6.4 pH (resistance).
  5. Now let sit idle after mixing or circulating by a pump for 24 hours to see how nutrients hold with the BlueGold® pH Solution at 6.4 pH.
  6. You may need to adjust the pH with your nutrients less or more after the 24 hour period to grab the 6.4 pH (resistance) sweet spot.
  7. Now the known correct amount will remain the same every time if your water conductivity remains stable. City water seems to change daily so be careful.
  8. Unless your water resistance or nutrients change, then re-test the bucket system to learn the desired amount again.

NOTE: Our best success is with Blue Lab Wire to Probe Resistance (pH) Meters. Pen meters seem not as reliable as probe meters. NOTE: 6.4 pH (resistance) is our empirical data “sweet spot”. It is merely our scientific suggestion for you to verify usability in your grow. 



BlueGold® pH Solutions are a more aggressive solution for use in high EC / PPM nutrient environments. But, will work in all nutrient situations, low or high. We believe our pH Solutions are the most revolutionary and amazing natural pH UP & DOWN in the industry. They impact growers unlike ever before in how they move the resistance (pH) in liquids. We have experienced using up to 200% less of the BlueGold® pH Solutions with organic or chemical nutrients against traditional industry solutions (these savings depend on your water conductivity). It all starts with rounding up concentrate Hydrogen ions in a straightforward and proprietary method. Hydrogen is the simplest and most clean source of energy known to exist. Anionic Hydrogen ions are a strong alkali (Hydrides), and cationic Hydrogen ions are a strong acid (Hydrons). Most importantly, Hydrogen is the most potent oxidizer (think of buffering) known to man. So we have hitched up the horsepower of non-caustic Hydrogen magnetic frequencies that are safer for you, plants, water, fish, and the environment. 

The industryʼs lack of understand causes it to put little importance on resistance (pH). The worldʼs definition of ʻpotential Hydrogenʼ (pH) can arguably be stated as simply a matter of “resistance.” All grow problems start with water, nutrients, soil, and a plant sap resistance (pH) that is below 6.3 or above 6.5. Problems will continue to magnify further out of balance the farther you migrate away from the perfectly balanced water/ soil/sap resistance (pH) of 6.4. We have learned this over many years of research and development from the school of disaster and success. At this 6.4 resistance (pH), the availability of nutrients is in abundance rather than being locked out by improper dielectric resistance levels. 

Think of this as magnetics. When the proper dielectric, magnetic field strength is applied around the magnetic relationships between nutrients (anion/ cation), harmony occurs. However, when an improper magnetic field is (think too strong or too weak) is applied to around the magnetic relationships of nutrients, disharmony and disorganization will occur, resulting in some nutrient values being unable to pair and react with one another properly. This disharmony means your nutrients are unavailable to the plant in varying degrees, a little or a lot, but still unavailable and wasted. 

Each 1/10th of resistance (pH), for example, 7.0 to 6.9, represents a 100% difference. The difference between 7.0 and 6.0 is 1,000%. The exact proper water/soil/sap resistance (pH) is vastly significant in any environment, and simply cannot be treated lightly. With 6.4 being used as the marker for the perfect balance of resistance for elemental relations (nutrient to nutrient dielectric pairing and interaction), your nutrients become exponentially less available the further you move away from the nutrient water, soil, and plant sap resistance (pH) of 6.4. So, “close” does not count in the game of resistance (pH); instead, it equals disaster and headaches. Using potent and caustic traditional pH adjusters can make this attention to dielectric resistance (pH) an even more difficult task, requiring high daily administering dose rates that put significant strains on the plants and impede root nutrient uptake. 

Also, these heavy chemical acids can separate from the liquids and fall out towards the bottom of the reservoir, causing a lower pH at the bottom of the tank and a higher pH at the middle/top of the tank. Test this for yourself. High Na Salts first impede Calcium, high Chlorides first lockout Phosphate. Ever wonder why the industry cannot pound enough Calcium and Magnesium to the plants; with a resistance level of 5.9 to 6.1, these are the first to go along with Potassium and available Salts. If you do not manage your water/soil or plant sap resistance (pH), they will manage you. This is the single most important simplistic foundational principle to successfully growing. CAUTION: if you move the pH ʻtoo fastʼ, it will cause unavailable elements to rush into the plant, creating problems. 

BlueGOLD® pH Solutions are very powerful in moving the dielectric resistance (pH) down with tiny amounts of the product added. ALWAYS err on the side of caution when you lower the pH of your nutrient tank for the first time. We do not want you to pass up 6.4 by going too low and then having to raise it back up. Be patient with it. If you put it in the tank and run to 6.4, then come back in 15-45 minutes, you may find it crept down 0.2 to 0.3 tenths more. Always pre-test the BlueGOLD® pH Solutions in a smaller container (see instructions) and with your organic or chemical inputs for at least 24 hours before adding to your system. We have consistently seen the pH hold stable for up to 3 to 7 days with a 600-1000+ PPM chemical or organic solution range IF a bubbler is NOT used, and using JUST a tiny circulatory pump or wooden mixer and then let sit. The oxygen (anionic charge) caused by the bubbler will displace the Hydrogen charge and cause the resistance (pH) to bounce and/or creep up on the meter. We highly recommend no bubblers (aeration) at any time with this solution if you want the resistance (pH) to hold. BlueGOLD® pH Solutions are safe, non-caustic (keep away from natural cloth fibers), and very gentle on you, plants, roots, and the environment. Ever wonder where all the acids and chemicals go when they are sent down the drain? They all eventually end up in the oceans of the world. Think green.


Water is water, correct? It surely is not. City water contains all or some of the following: ammonia, chlorine, chloramine, fluorides, perchlorates, and hydrofluosilicic acid, to name a few. If you do not have rainwater, distilled water, or reverse osmosis (RO) water, let your city water sit, in an open container, for 48 hours to outgas those chemicals and then run through a double steam activated carbon filter, if possible, before you add your nutrients and feed the plants. The conductivity of the water is critical. The lower the conductivity, the more nutrient transferability the water exhibits. City water is ever-increasing in chemical additives.


BlueGold® pH Solutions are fish safe when not mixed with any chemicals in the water and used in conjunction with clean water with a low PPM count below 200. Tiny amounts are needed, such as 5-10 mL (or lower) per 15-20 gallons of water. If you place alkali (Calcium) type stones in your pond or fish tank water, you will be forever fighting this resistance battle. Choose rocks or stones that maintain a close resistance to 6.4 to 6.7, and the stones will help self-adjust the water along with the proper aquatic plants. Then you need very little or no resistance (pH) adjusters. Harsh chemical pH adjusters can cause the fish to barrel roll. All fish may require differing resistance (pH) then plants; we have seen 6.9 to 7.2 work well with fish and plants. BlueGold® pH DOWN will help reduce/ eliminate string algae conditions. You do not want to use a bubbler with this product. If you do, you will use more product. Air pollution high in Aluminum particles causes pond water resistance to creep up; another factor in adjusting water resistance. Call us on 1-307-275-7010 about your pond conditions.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

32oz, 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon



10 reviews for BlueGold® pH Adjusters (pH UP & pH DOWN)

  1. Ty

    No more of the big name brand sell outs like General hydro and Advanced Nutrients. This product was purchased directly through the seller prior to them establishing a venue on Amazon however I am a huge supporter of all that they are about. Our team has participated in numerous cultivation projects across all different types of plants and vegetables and I have to say this is a “MUST” have product. no more of the big name brand sell outs like General hydro and Advanced Nutrients. Think of it as the transition to a new era of awareness and what is going to happen or needs to soon happen is that the typical cultivator will not be folly to the monopoly most existing nutrient companies have. The worst is they maintain more than a monopoly but also a quality control factor since people are only just now starting to understand how important additives such as Eden’s products are – natural and pesticide free is the new age! UNITE!

    Peace Guys – Ty

  2. brad kinney

    Great product! A much better alternative to caustic options. Needing to first understand and learn I asked “Why does the pH UP/DOWN work as described most of the time, but sometimes it does not?”
    the company took the time to explain it to me which is unheard of in most corners…. After my questions were answered I now better understand its use !

    Great product ! A much better alternative to caustic options. Finally a “solid” pH solution that won’t tend to lead you towards lockout !!! Nutrient companies BEWARE These guys will outshine you! –brad kinney

  3. George

    This stuff is amazing. I have a 6 gallon jerry can I use for watering plants.
    I add 1 OUNCE. Yes 1 OUNCE in a
    6 GALLON can.
    Perfect 6.4 PH EVERYTIME !!!!!!
    I then pour 2 GALLONS in a watering can. That’s cool you say. Now I top off the jerry can again measure the ph again.
    Perfect 6.4 ph. Wow. On 1 Ounce.
    All water varies so you will have to test amounts accordingly.
    Amazon carries a Tru Test spa water meter. Does a great job and not a crazy price that you can pay for meters.
    Which leads us to my hot tub.
    It’s a real chore maintaining the ph.
    I thought WHY NOT???
    Blue Gold in the hot tub.
    Guess what?? I worked there TOO !!!
    No fingers or toes have fallen off and the ph is LOCKED.
    They have plant growing prouducts THEY are even more AMAZING !!!
    I am a BLUE GOLD Servent.
    And Thank GOD for this BLESSING of Blue Gold.
    For it truly IS.
    GIVE IT A TRY !!!!!!


    a better option. no problems here, it works as advertised 😉 –

  5. Tai

    Five stars! Just a few drops my water problem is gone Thanks Eden. –Tai

  6. Customer

    Five stars. Works like described. Last me a while. Great stuff. –Customer

  7. mortiz

    Five stars! A little goes a long ways. –mortiz

  8. Customer

    I have put in 2 gallons and PH goes back up 7 over night. I have about a 4000 gal . Do I need more? I called 3hrs ago and got a machine. Nobody has called back:(

    Update: I just talked to John and what knowledge he has about water for plants and ponds. I think he was able to help me with my PH problem. Thank you for your help.


  9. Kevin R. Seiter

    Best additive ever. I have just started using this and am picking up a ph measurement device. I never understood how important proper PH is until James gave me great advice again. I am incorporating this into my program after I get the ph measuring device. I love all of Eden’s products. you can’t go wrong with their products. –Kevin R. Seiter

  10. Mike Chicklo

    “It takes 600 mL of pH Down to bring my 2,500-gallon tank to 6.4.” -Mike Chicklo

    600mL = 20.29 ounces in 2,500 (320,000 oz) gallons = 0.0000634% ratio. Pretty amazing!

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