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August 16, 2018
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August 16, 2018

BlueGold® pH DOWN

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Liquid Concentrate Hydronium – 100% Non-Caustic – Acid pH DOWN Adjuster (0.0 to 0.4  pH)

BlueGold® pH DOWN will not harm any biology, nutrients, people, animals, roots, or the environment when used as directed. BlueGold® pH DOWN is not NOP-Compliant and is not permitted for use in Organic Programs. Please contact Certifier prior to purchase and use.

pH Down is available to order on Amazon PrimeWe also offer Flat Rate Freight Shipping up to 1,200 lbs. To place freight orders or for more information please call us on 1-877-732-5360 or email For freight quotes please contact

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Caution: Moving to 6.4 pH, where the efficiency is perfect, will make your nutrients many times more available. Immediately switching to 6.4 pH can overload and burn a plant. For example, if you are used to using XX of a Nutrient at 5.8 (XX because at that pH you are inefficient), and then immediately switch to 6.4 pH then your XX of the Nutrient just became XXXX quantity of the Nutrient, whereas at 6.4 pH you may have only required a single quantity of X Nutrient, or perhaps 1/2 X of the Nutrient. For best results, always start your reservoir off with 50% less your usual inputs when first beginning grow-outs at 6.4 pH. Further details are outlined in the product insert. 6.4 pH is an amazing, cost-saving, and amplified place to grow when you understand how and why it works.

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Water today is slammed with pH adjusting obstacles like: chlorine, chloramine, perchlorates, carbonates, bicarbonates, fluorides and hydrofluosilicic acid. When these are combined with chemical-based nutrients, they bond, cancel out, or complicate ionic exchanges. This makes pH (ionic resistance) changes difficult and can also cause “pH rebound.”

When extremely potent and caustic chemicals are used to alter pH, this reinvents the same scenario on a massive scale (not including health concerns). Water is said to be the most studied molecule, and yet it is said to be the least understood by mankind today. Our acid and alkali solutions are created from concentrate hydrogen (+/-). By splitting the water molecule through our trade secret Bio-Genesis process, we have achieved a dominating electrical (ionic) friendly solution that yields 13.6 to 14 pH and 0.0 to 0.4 pH. Non Caustic. Our two solutions are so revolutionary they can be mixed together with zero reaction! Finally, safe alternatives to the harsh, caustic chemicals of pH adjusting products in the marketplace today.



In our years of experience, we have discovered the perfect pH (resistance) for growth and yields to be 6.4 pH, which allows for the perfect electrical (PME) balance for a superior attachment of nutrient polarities. Resistance (pH) is the measurement of nutrient and biological ionic interactions in the soil and plant sap. If you do not control your resistance levels, your available nutrient uptake will always be inefficient and locked out to a lesser or greater degree. First and foremost, for the perfect grow, always maintain a 6.4 pH, which is the perfect level of resistance for maximum uptake of all nutrients. It is critical: a simple move from 6.4 pH to 6.5 is 10x, whereas 6.4 to 7.4 is 100x the difference in resistance. That is 10x or 100x the difference in nutrient uptake efficiencies! Every percent above 6.4 incrementally locks out primarily Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica, and Micros. For every percent below 6.4 incrementally locks out primarily Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium. This is why the industry cannot get enough Cal-Mag into the plant using their chemical fertilizers are the recommended pH levels well below 6.4 pH.



Today’s caustic pH adjusters can separate in a reservoir. Measure your pH at the top of the tank and then at the bottom – you will most likely find two different readings with the bottom being more alkaline. This separation can severely impact plants at feeding times. If it’s rough and dangerous to your skin, can you imagine what is happening on a microscopic scale to plant tissue and the delicate root systems? Blue Gold® pH Up and DOWN will not separate in a reservoir and are gentle safe on plant tissue, delicate roots, and nutrients!

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

1 gallon, 2.5 gallon

10 reviews for BlueGold® pH DOWN

  1. Ty

    No more of the big name brand sell outs like General hydro and Advanced Nutrients. This product was purchased directly through the seller prior to them establishing a venue on Amazon however I am a huge supporter of all that they are about. Our team has participated in numerous cultivation projects across all different types of plants and vegetables and I have to say this is a “MUST” have product. no more of the big name brand sell outs like General hydro and Advanced Nutrients. Think of it as the transition to a new era of awareness and what is going to happen or needs to soon happen is that the typical cultivator will not be folly to the monopoly most existing nutrient companies have. The worst is they maintain more than a monopoly but also a quality control factor since people are only just now starting to understand how important additives such as Eden’s products are – natural and pesticide free is the new age! UNITE!

    Peace Guys – Ty

  2. brad kinney

    Great product! A much better alternative to caustic options. Needing to first understand and learn I asked “Why does the pH UP/DOWN work as described most of the time, but sometimes it does not?”
    the company took the time to explain it to me which is unheard of in most corners…. After my questions were answered I now better understand its use !

    Great product ! A much better alternative to caustic options. Finally a “solid” pH solution that won’t tend to lead you towards lockout !!! Nutrient companies BEWARE These guys will outshine you! –brad kinney

  3. George

    This stuff is amazing. I have a 6 gallon jerry can I use for watering plants.
    I add 1 OUNCE. Yes 1 OUNCE in a
    6 GALLON can.
    Perfect 6.4 PH EVERYTIME !!!!!!
    I then pour 2 GALLONS in a watering can. That’s cool you say. Now I top off the jerry can again measure the ph again.
    Perfect 6.4 ph. Wow. On 1 Ounce.
    All water varies so you will have to test amounts accordingly.
    Amazon carries a Tru Test spa water meter. Does a great job and not a crazy price that you can pay for meters.
    Which leads us to my hot tub.
    It’s a real chore maintaining the ph.
    I thought WHY NOT???
    Blue Gold in the hot tub.
    Guess what?? I worked there TOO !!!
    No fingers or toes have fallen off and the ph is LOCKED.
    They have plant growing prouducts THEY are even more AMAZING !!!
    I am a BLUE GOLD Servent.
    And Thank GOD for this BLESSING of Blue Gold.
    For it truly IS.
    GIVE IT A TRY !!!!!!


    a better option. no problems here, it works as advertised 😉 –

  5. Tai

    Five stars! Just a few drops my water problem is gone Thanks Eden. –Tai

  6. Customer

    Five stars. Works like described. Last me a while. Great stuff. –Customer

  7. mortiz

    Five stars! A little goes a long ways. –mortiz

  8. Customer

    I have put in 2 gallons and PH goes back up 7 over night. I have about a 4000 gal . Do I need more? I called 3hrs ago and got a machine. Nobody has called back:(

    Update: I just talked to John and what knowledge he has about water for plants and ponds. I think he was able to help me with my PH problem. Thank you for your help.


  9. Kevin R. Seiter

    Best additive ever. I have just started using this and am picking up a ph measurement device. I never understood how important proper PH is until James gave me great advice again. I am incorporating this into my program after I get the ph measuring device. I love all of Eden’s products. you can’t go wrong with their products. –Kevin R. Seiter

  10. Mike Chicklo

    “It takes 600 mL of pH Down to bring my 2,500-gallon tank to 6.4.” -Mike Chicklo

    600mL = 20.29 ounces in 2,500 (320,000 oz) gallons = 0.0000634% ratio. Pretty amazing!

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