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BlueGold® 5-Way Blend [Injectable Mineral] (OMRI Listed)
May 17, 2023
BlueGold® Silica Sand (73% SiO2) (OMRI Listed)
July 5, 2023

BlueGold® 6-Way Blend [Injectable Mineral] (OMRI Listed)


BlueGold® 6 Way Blend is a natural material blend mechanically processed to arrive at an ‘injectable’ powder. This material may be used to address Phosphate, Calcium, Carbon, Humic, Silicon Dioxide, and Nitrogen needs in the soil.

Please note, the 2023 6-Way Blend Silica was 78% SiO2 at 44 microns; the new 2024 blend has 95% SiO2 Silica at 0-3 microns. We still have 2023 6-Way Blend in stock at the 2023 pricing of $2.50 per lb. The 2023 6-Way Blend cannot be used with pumps, seals, or equipment as Silica is extremely abrasive, and the 44-micron is too tough on equipment – but the 2023 blend can be used as top dressing, hand-spreading, certain spreaders, etc. If you’d like the 2023, please contact the office to order.


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For best results, this product must be used in conjunction with an Apical Soil and Sap Test Analysis and applied according to test results for the crop type, crop height, and PPM change required. Properly balancing nutrients by simultaneously lowering all excess and raising all deficient nutrient PPMs is critical to long-lasting beneficial results in any crop.

Depending on the PPM change needed, possible rates are as follows: If by foliar, 0.5 to 5+ pounds per acre with a minimum of 35 gallons of water. If by fertigation injection, 0.5 to 5+ pounds per acre. If by aerial, 3 to 5 pounds per 5 gallons of water is used per acre. Individual plants, top dress pots with 3-5 tbsp. Grow media, 6-8oz per cubic foot. Rates subject to excesses, i.e., salts, chlorides, metals, sulfur, etc. Please note: Silica is an abrasive material and may damage equipment seals if improper equipment is used. 5-Way passes below 100 microns, averaging 0-44 microns.

Rates are equipment-dependent. Some equipment can only do 1-2 pounds per acre because of the amount of water that can be used. Please call James (1-307-275-7010) to verify any equipment questions.



BlueGold® Products, Equipment, and Services do not guarantee or warranty product fitment, results, accuracy, or success. Your conditions of use, usage of products, and choice recommendations are beyond our control. BlueGold® recommendations are a ‘good faith’ suggested use rate – BlueGold® is a manufacturer, not a qualified crop consultant – Users of BlueGold® must always defer to their crop consultant and/or self-determined usage in accordance with relevant testing. Usage of BlueGold® products may require equipment or equipment amendments prior to use to avoid equipment malfunctions. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring their equipment is properly set up to handle any given or combination of inputs. BlueGold® specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability relating to the use of the suggested products, equipment, or services and will under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages that may arise from such use. Use of this product is acceptance of this disclaimer; if you do not accept, you can return for a full refund minus the shipping cost of your initial unused purchase.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

46# Bag (Injectable), 2300# Pallet (Injectable) [50 x 46# Bags]


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