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June 7, 2013
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August 16, 2018

Blue Gold™ Base Blend


Liquid Wetting Agent – Saponin

Available in 2.5 gallons, 5 gallons, 15 gallons, and 275 gallon totes. Call us on 1-877-732-5360 or please email questions to

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4″ TO 24″ CROPS

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Wetting agents are a proven crop management tool. Wetting agents, or surfactants, make water wetter thereby increasing the penetration of water into soil deeper and broader. Water, as Agriculture’s most used carrier liquid, mixes with materials infinitely more efficiently when water tension is reduced using wetting agents. Additionally, as the water penetrates deeper and broader into the soil, the nutrients being carried with it also penetrate deeper and broader. This gains an immediate benefit in reduced runoff and reduced burn off of nutrients, and in the case of soil with proper biology levels, the nutrients are taken deeper straight to the biology and quicker more efficient processing.

Additionally, wetter water is also known to break down salt bonds, petrol bonds, and more quickly hydrate dry soils. Most wetting agents on the shelf today are formulated from harsh, caustic detergents or ethoxylated surfactants. These introduce harsh pH solutions into your soil or combat your reservoir pH levels. Additionally, these types have questionable safety concerns.


Our Blue Gold™ Base Blend undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy process and is formulated from select herbs strong in saponin levels. Blue Gold™ Base Blend saponins are derived from: Aloe, Angelica, Bhringaraj Leaf, Black Cumin Seed, Kola Leaf, Butcher’s Broom, Calendula, Chamomile, Cardamom, Comfrey, Dandelion Root, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng Root, Hibiscus, Maca Root, Moringa Leaf, and Yucca Root.


Of those who recognize the benefit of plant-derived saponins over caustic detergents, unfortunately, the market pretty much only offers saponins of the Yucca plant. Here at Eden, we do not settle for the norm or the ‘easiest.’ We came to discover that there is a structural variety to saponins derived from various plants. The number saccharide chains attached to the sapogenin cores can vary, as can the length of the chains. The cores can also be any one of a wide variety of polycyclic organic structures originating from carbon terpenes. What does this mean to you? Certain varieties have been established in plant ecology to serve as antifeedants and to protect plants against microbes and fungi, while some have enhanced nutrient absorption and digestion aid in animals. Saponins have a range of industrial uses depending on the structured variety. Rather just utilizing a single plant source and singular structure, we have researched and utilized 19 plant sources for saponins to give you a comprehensive and wide variety of saponin structures for superior saponin benefits.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

42 reviews for Blue Gold™ Base Blend


    I was in the midst of a Japanese beetle attack and one thing is certain the beetles are much reduced compared to the control bushes just fertilized yesterday. The product is what EDEN SOLUTIONS claims and is effective throughout the growth cycle.

  2. Customer

    Before I used this the bugs were demolishing the okra. The bugs are gone and haven’t returned using this twice a week.

  3. DLJ

    It revived some new plants that looked like they would not make it.

  4. Jason S.

    Pure magic. This technology goes way beyond the scope described on the bottle. I have experienced many incredible results from use of this product.

  5. Customer

    Excellent Product! The most amazing product I have ever used, could not make a higher recommendation!

  6. Brad K.

    A company who keeps to it’s claim and provides something the agricultural world absolutely NEEDS. This stuff is amazing, the staff is great, Eden Solutions, THANK YOU!!

  7. Laura C.


  8. Mary T.

    This product has been working great. Plants our coming up real good and healthy.

  9. brad kinney

    EVERYTHING I have ever gotten from Eden Solutions is bar none excellence in products. Eden Solutions has completely replaced my regular feeding schedules. BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!! THEY ARE EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE!!! Thank you Eden Solutions.

  10. organicisbetter

    I like what I see in only one week! Our season start has been very cold and dreary. All tomatoes and peppers have been out for 2 weeks with zero noticeable growth since transplanting – that is until I tried Blue Gold™ Base Blend. My pepper plants showed new growth within 4 days! Not only did they form new leaves, but they are flowering in temperatures in the mid 50’s. This certainly took me by surprise. Tomatoes show greener and more vibrant leave color. I noticed the birds like this as well, and my chickens were gathering where it over sprayed on the grass. I also used on orchids, and some other indoor plants and I noticed a beautiful waxy coating on the leaves and colors deepened and became more vibrant. Tip: if you add this to a bucket, fill the bucket first with H20, then add a small amount and stir. If you add water to the solution in reverse, you will have it bubble up. I use both as root drench first, then as a foliar spray, next day with a micronutrient complex added. I will be doing more testing and I also just purchased their Fusion Compost slurry to add to my feedings. Oh, by the way – the customer service is fantastic. I called Eden, and I spoke with James for over 15 minutes who answered all my questions – I will be giving them more business – made in the Great state of Wyoming and good old fashion customer service.

  11. BMAZ

    I ordered it in hopes that it’s wild claims might be true. The day I got it I first used it as a foliar spray in the 15/m/L : 1 gallon ratio and sprayed the plants really good around sunset, even sprayed plenty onto the trunk of the plants so it’d seep down into the roots a bit. Why not? I was desperate. But I kid you not… the very next morning the plants noticeably perked up! I’m now using it as a foliar spray 2x a week and I add it with the other nutrients I mix when I water them (at a 1.5/m/L : 1 gal ratio per instructions). So far it looks like the plants are making a solid comeback. Really cool. And if you’re wondering just what’s in this product? EVERYTHING! These folks must’ve taken some ayahuasca or something when they were inspired to add all this stuff together. But their magical vision seems to have paid off. – Thanks Eden Solutions! =)

  12. Charlotte Cavatica

    Explosive growth. This stuff is amazing! After 2 feedings, the rust is almost gone. It has been a problem for years.

  13. Brad Kinney

    As with ALL Eden Solutions products – This is a great product – totally worthy of your time and energy! Best customer service I have ever had in 41 years of life!!! Kudos Eden Solutions. Thank you for being such a great company!

  14. J. Fred

    My plants have twice as many roots than before.

  15. Sunny

    Amazing results! This helped all plants come back in full bloom.

  16. D. Brown

    I have used this product twice on it in two weeks, and plants are growing new growth like mad and the leaves have stopped curling. I will never be without this product not only for troublesome plants but it really works on happy plants, and new transplants and new seedlings.

  17. Chester G.

    I’ve had an indoor/outdoor dwarf meyer lemon for about four years and haven’t gotten a lemon in over 2 years. In the winter, it’s kept in a warm indoor spot with a grow light. It bloomed but the fruit browned and dropped off before it really got started. I put the tree outside in warm weather but then it got bugs, the leaves yellowed and dropped, and I thought it was toast. After reading the reviews for this stuff, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I flushed the roots with water and did a few root/leaf treatments as directed, along with the usual course of fertilizer that I’ve done for years. It’s now a few months later and the tree has never looked better. It’s blooming like crazy with multiple blooms on each branch (never seen that before), there’s lots of new leaf growth, and the fruits are is staying on and growing. The bugs are gone. Since it worked so well, I did a little vegetable experiment with cucumbers, eggplant, and tomatoes. The plants I used it on are visibly larger, greener and bushier than the ones I did not use it on. It also took care of an aphid problem on an eggplant.

  18. Rachael M.

    All kinds of new growth on EVERYTHING. Again great Company with great products. They actually care about the customer. Will be ordering more in the future!! Best review I could give is the fact I will be a returning customer!

  19. jellimelli4646

    Plants are luscious, vibrant, and thriving. Thank you so much Eden Solutions!

  20. PZG

    After just a few applications these plants started growing like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve just started using other Blue Gold Solutions and so far I’ve seen excellent results. I usually don’t leave reviews but this stuff is pretty much quite amazing. I don’t have to water as much and I use maybe 1/3 as much fertilizer.

  21. Leenie

    Plants explode with color and blooms after using this – THEY LOVE IT!

  22. John H.

    Blue Gold is the most amazing organic plant nutrient that I have ever used. The response from my plants is unbelievable. I was a cotton farmer for 30 years in SC. I now live in the NC mountains, where the growing season is much shorter. It is critical to get a fast & healthy start to plants. I have been using this product for 4 years. It keeps harmful insects away,while causing no damage to beneficial insects and bees. The yields from my produce is amazing, producing healthy food for my family and friends! Do not hesitate to try this quality product!

  23. Gina D.

    Awesome. We have so many Jalapeno and Bell peppers we don’t know what to do with them all.

  24. Charlotte A. Cavatica

    Plants take off soon after use-it’s fantastic!

  25. Daniel Covey

    My plants went from doing great to doing so amazing that it’s almost shocking! This product is well worth every penny!

  26. Alex

    My plants have never bloomed this bright and in such an abundance and I will be a customer for life!! Great product!!!

  27. Laura C.

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! I have tried dozens of different solutions, powders, dips, sprays, whatevers and NEVER FOUND ANYTHING TO MATCH THIS!

  28. Richard Campbell

    From my observation it’s making my vegetable plants go nuts. It has a funky smell but really works. I bought some bare root strawberry plants in the mail, they were dormant when I received them a month ago, now the plants have 10-13 flowers on each plant and are quickly getting fruit on them.

  29. Buyer

    It is making a difference for vegetables.

  30. Heather

    I am so happy with this. We are in FL where the heat tends to burn a lot of plants and we have very sandy soil. In the short time, I have been using this product I have noticed improved growth, better blooms, and a couple of plants that were in distress are starting to come back.

  31. Randy Chandler

    I am a certified turf and landscape professional. I have tried MANY products over the years. I was looking for a product that:
    1. was organic/natural to get away from poisoning the earth with chemical fertilizers
    2. would actually work
    3. would be cost effective enough to use in my business. I have tried some organics before, and they didn’t quite deliver the level I needed for my clients and most of the time were 3-4 times the cost of non-organic products.

    Blue Gold has passed all three of the above criteria. I have used this product over a period of time and can only say good things about it. EVERYTHING I use it on has responded favorably, and I have actually performed side by side testing on some of my plant material. Blue Gold has been a God-send for us in the business, and I can safely use on everything in my spectrum, turf, shrubs, trees, vines and ground cover. I will be using this product as much as I possibly can as bottom line it is just a no-brainer. It’s organic, and it works, it’s affordable. I recommend if you have not had good luck with other organics, give Blue Gold at least a test drive.

  32. TampaBayOldie

    Can’t recommend this more highly!

  33. Customer

    All Blue Gold products are very effective. All flowering and veg have responded to the products.

  34. Brenda Fox

    I had so much trouble last year with blight and fungus. This has been a much better year!!

  35. Sharon D.

    The results were so good that I had to buy more. I’m hooked.

  36. Karim Miknas

    I’ve seen a marked improvement in the health of plants since I started using Blue Gold.

  37. Madcapzany

    I used it as recommended, along with my regular soluble fertilizer, and within three short days, my yellowing greens had become fully green and much sturdier looking.

  38. Freya

    Good soil booster.

  39. Manda Joiner

    Made a DRAMATIC difference in plants!!!! Plants used to taste bland, now they taste flavorful.

  40. FOCHEF

    I mix Base Blend with Fusion VEG, and I have never seen plants grow this quick. Great product.

  41. Abennett

    I am always surprised at how great my plants/flowers look after I use this. The smell is a bit tough to take, but the results are beautiful, every time. –Abennett

  42. Kevin R. Seiter

    This is THE BEST seller of everything necessary for cloning to harvest. I have grown Medical Marijuana for over 40 years, and their entire line of products is just the best. Customer service is excellent. Follow directions as most of these products are concentrated. I can’t say enough good things about this and every one of their products. You won’t be disappointed.

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