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BlueGold® FXi (Fire Extinguisher with Iodine) (Not NOP)


All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

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BlueGold® FXi (Fire Extinguisher with Iodine) can be sold in 275 gallon totes but requires specific pump set-up. Please contact for inquiries.




Wetting agents are a proven crop management tool. Wetting agents, or surfactants, make water wetter thereby increasing the penetration of water into soil deeper and broader. Water, as Agriculture’s most used carrier liquid, mixes with materials infinitely more efficiently when water tension is reduced using wetting agents. Additionally, as the water penetrates deeper and broader into the soil, the nutrients being carried with it also penetrate deeper and broader. This gains an immediate benefit in reduced runoff and reduced burn off of nutrients, and in the case of soil with proper biology levels, the nutrients are taken deeper straight to the biology and quicker more efficient processing.

Additionally, wetter water is also known to break down salt bonds, petrol bonds, and more quickly hydrate dry soils. Most wetting agents on the shelf today are formulated from harsh, caustic detergents or ethoxylated surfactants. These introduce harsh pH solutions into your soil or combat your reservoir pH levels. Additionally, these types have questionable safety concerns.


Silica (Si), or as it is referred to on some labels as Silicon or Silica Dioxide, is a soil element that is associated with plant cellular structure, electrical exchanges, and nutrient to nutrient ionic bonding. It has also been associated with correcting Hollow Stem Syndrome, in addition to increasing nutrient uptake. It is the most abundant element in soil, and yet it is referred to by plant biologists as a “non-essential beneficial plant nutrient.” This is equivalent to the mentality of recognizing there are over 90 periodic elements essential to “perfect” growth, and yet stating you can grow “perfectly” with just only three of them (NPK) until the end of time. This incorrect mentality that has led to the lowest vitamin and mineral content in crops in the history of mankind is the same that led us to build the BlueGold® System of products to grow plants at maximum potential through the power of proper nutrition.


Our BlueGold® Iodine may be used in the biofortification of plants by means of soil and foliar applications. The agronomic biofortification of food plants with Iodine is a new strategy adopt- ed by the World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority, Institute of Medicine, and various Independent Studies as a method to address declining Iodine deficiencies. A balance of Iodine and Silica makes for bulletproof plants.

Iodine deficiency is a widespread micronutrient malnutrition problem, and the addition of Iodine to table salt represents the most common method overcoming this gross deficiency in animal feeds and human foods. The biofortification of crops with Iodine is a new strategy to further enrich crop harvests with a potentially cost-effective and bioavailable Iodine source. Understanding how Iodine functions in higher plants are vital to establishing suitable biofortification approaches.


We created this ‘custom blend’ for some of our growers by request. They dubbed it the ‘Fire Extinguisher’. It’s become so popular, we are offering it to everyone. Read what one grower had to say here.

Our BlueGold® FXi (Fire Extinguisher with Iodine) undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bioavailability and combines our OMRI Listed BlueGold® Base Blend & BlueGold® Silica with our flagship BlueGold® technology and BlueGold® Iodine (Iodine is not allowed in Organics/NOP). We process BlueGold® FXi with zero chemicals, acids, or solvents of any kind.

If you already have BlueGold® Base BlendBlueGold® Silica, and BlueGold® Iodine on hand, you can make BlueGold® FXi yourself:

32oz ratio: 22oz Base, 8oz Silica, 2oz Iodine
1 gallon ratio: 91oz Base, 30oz Silica, 7oz Iodine
2.5 gallon ratio: 228oz Base, 75oz Silica, 17oz Iodine


BlueGold® FXi is not allowed in Organics/NOP and should only be applied in accordance with an Apical Soil/Plant Sap Analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates.

Do not use with synthetically enhanced or high Na/Cl grow media with BlueGold®. By itself, BlueGold® will not harm ANY crop, plant, biology, system, human, animal, environment, pollinator or beneficial (including birds, butterflies, earthworms, etc.). Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. Very recent or current use of chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, bactericides, miticides, pesticides, biocides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, pH Up/Down chemicals, dyes, etc., – all can cause an unfavorable interaction due to the Wetting Agent properties of BlueGold® Solutions, which can magnify the strength of said chemical. Strengthened doses of those chemicals can result in direct stress, burning, or death of plants. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, without chemical interactions, will never cause these issues in any plant or soil (when used as directed)Users must respect BlueGold® labels and reduce NPK/synthetic inputs by +/- 90%. If by user choice, against our directions/recommendations, to use chemical inputs by combining with BlueGold®, they must be reduced by 90% or more and then dialed up as you see fit. If you encounter problems in the plants from the chemicals by your choice, then STOP. If you quickly move the pH to 6.4 with the help of pH adjusters, without adjusting inputs, you’re drastically making inputs more available, which results in stressed, burned, or dead plants from too big of a hit from the nutrients that are now available at a much higher % than previously. Especially when all the excess stored up chemicals inputs, flood into the plants at even higher EC/PPM values. Likewise, if you do not adjust inputs while using BlueGold®, as soil/sap pH is driven to 6.4, the same can happen over an extended period depending on soil and watering conditions. We do not advocate mixing BlueGold® with any chemicals. This all only applies to chemical-based products and does not apply to organic-based products except for humic and fulvic acids (please start at a 50% reduced rate). If you feel you need more, then start at a reduced rate of 90% and test on a few plants first.

As the manufacturer we offer 100% Guarantee when used as directed, within the Eden Guaranteed Grow Program. A limited guarantee restricted to exclusive use with BlueGold® products and systems subject to soil, sap, water testing conditions, and Postal damages. No warranty or fitment of purpose promised.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

32oz, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon


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