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BlueGold® C4-Calcium is for foliar use to see immediate Calcium uptake via Apical’s Plant Sap PPM Test. BlueGold® Cal-King is the super-concentrated version of BlueGold® C4-Calcium for fertigation.

All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family-founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business.

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BlueGold® C4-Calcium is an extreme form of our BlueGold® Cal-King in terms of micronization, but BlueGold® Cal-King is more potent in terms of Calcium availability. Agriculture is a unique form of labor, but one that is limited the same as all others: time and budget. Inputs dictate the available nutrients, and when dealing with excesses (i.e., Magnesium, Potassium, Na Sodium, Chlorides, Sulfur, Iron, Aluminum, etc.) that are locking out an extremely vital nutrient like Calcium. Yields do not have 1 to 3 or more years to wait for nature to take its course to process a dry input of Aragonite. In these cases, working in fertigation and foliar applications of nutrients like Calcium via BlueGold® C4 or Cal-King can drive the plants to success while the soil is being corrected. The third limiting factor unique to farming is nutrient emergencies. You can be in the final stages of the Vegetative cycle, but the plants desperately need a boost in PPM of Calcium.

However, the input of a Calcium source like BlueGold® Cal-King can be detrimental as it will inherently be inputting Calcium into the soil at a time when a switch from Veg to Flower is trying to occur. Calcium inputs in Flower can push out Potassium. In such emergency cases, a farmer needs to be able to supply Calcium in a small amount directly to the plant, without changing the soil PPMs. Enter BlueGold® C4-Calcium, as an extremely micronized Calcium source – below 2 microns. A blood cell is 8 microns and BlueGold® Cal-King is 10 microns. This source of Calcium can be applied directly to a plant to meet emergency needs without affecting soil PPM of Calcium. Due to its extreme micron size, the Calcium in C4-Calcium can immediately enter the stomata of a plant in a bioavailable form.

BlueGold® C4-Calcium, although rarely if ever used, is an excellent tool to have. If plant Phosphate PPMs are proper, C4-Calcium can be used to quickly adjust the Calcium PPMs in the plant during critical growth stages.



BlueGold® C4-Calcium is an OMRI-listed Input (please contact your certifier before use).

Do not use with synthetically enhanced or high Na/Cl grow media with BlueGold®. By itself, BlueGold® will not harm ANY crop, plant, biology, system, human, animal, environment, pollinator or beneficial (including birds, butterflies, earthworms, etc.). Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. Very recent or current use of chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, bactericides, miticides, pesticides, biocides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, pH Up/Down chemicals, dyes, etc., – all can cause an unfavorable interaction due to the Wetting Agent properties of BlueGold® Solutions, which can magnify the strength of said chemical. Strengthened doses of those chemicals can result in direct stress, burning, or death of plants. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, without chemical interactions, will never cause these issues in any plant or soil (when used as directed)Users must respect BlueGold® labels and reduce NPK/synthetic inputs by +/- 90%. If by user choice, against our directions/recommendations, to use chemical inputs by combining with BlueGold®, they must be reduced by 90% or more and then dialed up as you see fit. If you encounter problems in the plants from the chemicals by your choice, then STOP. If you quickly move the pH to 6.4 with the help of pH adjusters, without adjusting inputs, you’re drastically making inputs more available, which results in stressed, burned, or dead plants from too big of a hit from the nutrients that are now available at a much higher % than previously. Especially when all the excess stored up chemicals inputs, flood into the plants at even higher EC/PPM values. Likewise, if you do not adjust inputs while using BlueGold®, as soil/sap pH is driven to 6.4, the same can happen over an extended period depending on soil and watering conditions. We do not advocate mixing BlueGold® with any chemicals. This all only applies to chemical-based products and does not apply to most organic-based products. We strongly recommend avoiding ocean-based products high in Na Sodium, Chlorides, and other salts with our Solutions as well as Sulfur based products, salt and heavy metal loaded humates, manures, and composts, etc. We are happy to look at a product’s Certificate of Analysis [COA] to verify its use with BlueGold®. Please send COA/analysis to

As the manufacturer, we offer a 100% Guarantee when used as directed, within the Eden Guaranteed Grow Program. A limited guarantee restricted to exclusive use with BlueGold® products and systems subject to the Apical soil, sap, water testing conditions, and Postal damages. No warranty or fitment of purpose promised.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

32oz, 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 60 gallon, 120 gallon, 180 gallon, 240 gallon


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