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BlueGold® Iodine


Micronized Liquid Iodate

Iodine can be used in the biofortification of plants. BlueGold® Iodine should only be applied in accordance with Apical Testing. Iodine is not NOP Compliant nor can it be used in Organic Programs. Check with your Certifier before purchase and use.

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Our BlueGold® Iodine may be used in the biofortification of plants by means of soil and foliar applications. The agronomic biofortification of food plants with Iodine is a new strategy adopt- ed by the World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority, Institute of Medicine, and various Independent Studies as a method to address declining Iodine deficiencies. A balance of Iodine and Silica makes for bulletproof plants.

Iodine deficiency is a widespread micronutrient malnutrition problem, and the addition of Iodine to table salt represents the most common method overcoming this gross deficiency in animal feeds and human foods. The biofortification of crops with Iodine is a new strategy to further enrich crop harvests with a potentially cost-effective and bioavailable Iodine source. Understanding how Iodine functions in higher plants are vital to establishing suitable biofortification approaches.



Iodine is not considered to be an essential micronutrient for plants, and its content in plants is generally low. Iodine content in crops can be significantly increased with applications of Iodine minerals or using Iodine-containing fertilizers. Iodine that is present in soil solution can be taken by plants in the form of Iodide or Iodate Anions. Iodine uptake by plants may occur at the roots or upper parts of the plant through stomata and cuticle waxes (Shaw et al. 2007, Tschiersch et al. 2009). After Iodine absorption, its transport mainly occurs through the xylem and, to a lesser degree, through the phloem (Lawson et al. 2015, Medrano-Macias et al. 2016, Gonsali et al. 2017). Iodine is mostly accumulated in the roots and leaves and less effective in the fruits and seeds. Fertilization with Organoiodine compounds in the form of Iodate has also been successfully achieved (Umaly and Poel 1971, Weng et al. 2008a).

BlueGold® Iodine is a formulation of elemental Iodine, which has been complexed with BlueGold® Base Blend in our Proprietary Eden Synergist Technology, resulting in the solubility of the “insoluble” Iodine. This means we have achieved an Iodine product without the use of caustic acids or other solvents. While this formula is not NOP due to the way the Iodine mines extract the elemental Iodine, it is a far step from typical Iodine products available today. We are currently working on our goal to release a NOP-compliant Organoiodine for use in Certified Organic Programs this year (2020) to address the Iodine need for biofortification in crops.



BlueGold® Iodine should only be applied in accordance with an Apical Soil/Plant Sap Analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates. DO NOT COMBINE WITH PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, PLANT CLEANERS, HIGH Na SALT/CHLORIDE GROW MEDIA. Ask us how to qualify for guarantees. We DO NOT advocate BlueGold® Base Blend use with any synthetic/chemical. Please contact your certifier before use and purchase. Iodine is not NOP Compliant nor can it be used in Organic production.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

32oz, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon


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