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BlueGold® Calcium-Phosphate [Rock Phosphate 0-8-0] (OMRI Listed)


BlueGold® Calcium Phosphate has a massive microbial profile. Soft Rock Phosphate should not be confused with Hard Rock Phosphate, which is treated with acids and caustic chemicals.

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BlueGold® Calcium-Phosphate also called Soft Rock Phosphate or Colloidal Phosphate. It is the soft clay-like material that lies between the various layers of Hard Rock Phosphate and is an excellent source of Phosphate and Calcium (Cal-King, C4) for your plants. Soft Rock Phosphate should not be confused with Hard Rock Phosphate. Hard Rock is also known as Tri-Calcium Phosphate. It is often treated with Sulfuric Acid to produce Super Phosphate, reducing the Phosphate to a Water-Soluble form with caustic chemical additions to the detriment of structure and microbial colonies. Soft Rock Phosphate is washed off and accumulated in settling ponds during the mining process. The Phosphate source is completely natural and is, in fact, a genuinely remarkable fertilizer with a massive CFU/g microbial profile. Although both products contain Calcium and Phosphate, the nutrients in Soft Rock Phosphate are more readily available for your plants to use.

The King of Minerals™ in your soil is Phosphate. No mineral uptakes without available Phosphate. The Queen of Minerals™ in your soil is Calcium. Phosphate does not move or uptake without Calcium (Cal-King, C4). Soft Rock Phosphate is a quick-acting source of Phosphorous already in a Phosphate Calcium blend. Raw Phosphate minerals are tightly bound and require a slightly acidic soil (6.4 pH) and beneficial microbial activity to move properly in soil strata and uptake into plants. To achieve this more quickly rather than letting nature take its course, you can compost your raw minerals or use BlueGold® Super Phos-23, which is a mechanically micronized Soft Rock Phosphate combined with our BlueGold® Base Blend Wetting Agent for enhanced penetration.

Natural Phosphate stays in the soil where it is put and moves very little. All movement is achieved through microbial activity (a major deficient coast to coast in the United States) and through organic matter, the throttle for water (water is the carrier of many things). Unlike chemically processed Hard Rock Phosphate, Soft Rock Phosphate is insoluble in water. It will not leach away and therefore is long-lasting. However, because there is a microbial and organic matter problem in almost all farms, the use of a Wetting Agent (BlueGold® Base Blend) is instrumental in moving Phosphate in the soil by diffusion. The only alternative is too deep plow/till the soil, which only further injures microbial activity as anaerobic bacteria are flipped on top (into the anaerobic environment), and the aerobic bacteria is flipped to the bottom (into an anaerobic environment).

BlueGold® Calcium-Phosphate (Injectable) is an additional big gun in the arsenal along with our super-concentrated BlueGold® Super Phos-23 in the Nutrient War that rages in every field. You only have a short window in a Vegetative State to get the King of Minerals™ (Phosphate) and Queen of Minerals™ (Calcium) sitting pretty on their sap PPM thrones. Our BlueGold® Calcium-Phosphate (Soft Rock Phosphate) is designed for all field and cross-dressing plants.


Unfortunately, Aluminum is rarely tested for by companies. Consultants, agronomists, soil ‘doctors,’ fertilizer companies, co-ops, salespeople are feeding this dangerous excess, and the farmer is paying the price both literally and figuratively. Your Aluminum PPM should be no more than 0.10 PPM. We will accept 1 PPM, MAX. Like the human body, Aluminum is one of the worst excesses you can have in your soil and sap. Aluminum excess will cause fruit, petal, and flower abortion, and it will also stunt your Calcium uptake. A tree, bush, or crop will not hold hardly any of its fruit if it even makes it out of the vegetative growth stage. Peach leaf curl is an evident sign of an Aluminum excess. It’s a nasty excess, but we can correct it on our BlueGold® program. 

We noticed a trend with our Organic farmers who used a very common Soft Rock Phosphate and excess Aluminum. These farmers would have “low” PPMs of Aluminum, and then they’d put out this ‘brown’ Soft Rock Phos at 500 to 1,000+ lbs per acre, and their Aluminum would continually climb and climb. We asked the mine for their Heavy Metal tests. We received a test with a laundry list of elements, but Aluminum was not on there. We asked for their Aluminum test, and they ‘do not test for it.’ 99% of companies do not offer or test for Aluminum. We independently test BlueGold® ingredients and Solutions for all heavy metals, including Aluminum. We tested this Soft Rock Phosphate for Aluminum, and the results were 1.54% total Aluminum (15,460 PPM) and 216 PPM water-soluble Aluminum! This means the water-soluble Aluminum is immediately ready for plant uptake. 15,460 PPM of Aluminum at 1-ton application translates to 8.8 PPM of Aluminum, 1000# translates to 4.4 PPM of Aluminum, and 500# translates to 2.2 PPM of Aluminum. We consider anything over 0.10 PPM of Aluminum to be an excess.
Aluminum is in the earth’s crust. It’s in almost everything that is mined. The more we noticed the trend, the more we independently tested. We quite literally searched the world for the best Soft Rock Phosphate. Our Soft Rock Phosphate is 0.1% total Aluminum with 0.0% water-soluble Aluminum. At our recommended rate of 500#, that would translate to 0.14 PPM of Aluminum. Still, a slight excess, when we want to see 0.10 PPM, but more manageable. Our Phosphate veins average 33% P205, with 14% available for immediate use. We changed our label from 0-14-0 to 0-8-0 as vein availability fluctuates. To comply with labelling laws we put the lowest possibly P2O5 on the label. Please email Kalynn ( for the latest labs. ‘Available’ is critical. When you’re pricing material inputs, it is vital to consider the availability and ‘percent value’ when you’re formulating your per/acre budget.
You need an Ag company that:
  1. Identifies the excesses
  2. Knows the limits these excesses need to be in both the soil and the sap is a difference
  3. Has the knowledge actually to lower the excess. Example: We took a soil Aluminum PPM from 368.75 PPM to 0.875 PPM for a greenhouse tomato grower in three soil injections.
We can do all 3. Call us today: 1-307-275-701. We are not in this business for the sales. We want the relationship. We get that through our results. Farm restoration is the ONLY goal. Our job is to teach the farmer, so the farm requires fewer inputs as the production and profits increase, and the knowledge passes down to the next generation. Since Eden Solutions has been a company, not a single one of our BlueGold® growers has failed a Heavy Metal test because of our inputs.



BlueGold® Calcium Phosphate (Injectable and Raw) should only be applied in accordance with an Apical sap/soil analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates. Ask us how to qualify for our Eden Guaranteed Grow Program.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

46# Bag (Injectable), 1 Metric Ton Pallet (Injectable), 1 Metric Ton Tote (Raw)


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