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March 10, 2020
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BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher


BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher is formulated to quickly address optimum immune function in crops. Pest and disease pressure is reduced with plant immunity. We have 2 Fire Extinguisher Solutions: 1) NOP-Compliant Fire Extinguisher 2) Non-NOP Compliant Fire Extinguisher with Iodine for a greater immune function increase.

We also offer Flat Rate Freight Shipping up to 1,200 lbs. To place freight orders or for more information please call us on 1-877-732-5360 or email For freight quotes please contact BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher can be sold in 275 gallon totes. Please contact for inquiries.

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We created this ‘custom blend’ for some of our growers by request. They dubbed it the ‘Fire Extinguisher’. It’s become so popular, we are offering it to everyone. Read what one grower had to say here.

Our BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bioavailability and combines our OMRI-Listed Base Blend and Silica (and Iodine for Non-NOP growers) with our flagship BlueGold® technology. BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher is formulated from BlueGold® Base BlendBlueGold® Silica, and BlueGold® Iodine (if non-NOP). We process BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher with zero chemicals, acids, or solvents of any kind.



BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher should only be applied in accordance with an Apical Soil/Plant Sap Analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates. DO NOT COMBINE WITH PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, PLANT CLEANERS, HIGH Na SALT/CHLORIDE GROW MEDIA. Ask us how to qualify for guarantees. We DO NOT advocate BlueGold® Fire Extinguisher use with any synthetic/chemical.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 5 × 10.6 in

1 gallon, 2.5 gallon




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