Comparison of GMO and non-GMO corn

Comparison of GMO and non-GMO corn

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May 10, 2016
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August 25, 2016
As Monsanto parades their genetically modified seed, throwing it out like candy into the fields, future generations are being subjected to nutritionally void, disease-causing food. As the government protects the GMO industry, with its recent signing of the "Monsanto Protection Act", the republic's health interests are being discarded.

A 2012 study, called the Corn Comparison Report, was recently released by Profit Pro and published on the website for Moms Across America March to Label GMOs - a group dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of genetically modified organisms.

The Corn Comparison Report detailed the nutritional deficiencies of GMO corn compared to regular organic corn. The report reveals the stunning levels of glyphosate in GMO corn and the number of vital nutrients that have been drawn out.

GMO corn is nutritionally void!

The nutrition statistics for GMO corn are bone chilling. Here is what the report indicates:

GMO corn contains alarming glyphosate levels!

The amount of formaldehyde and glyphosate in GMO corn is unbelievable. To break it down, American EPA standards allow glyphosate in water of up to 0.7 PPM. European tests indicate that animals begin experiencing liver damage at .0001 PPM of glyphosate in water. Putting these two statistics together, America's water levels contain glyphosate that is 7,000 times greater than the amount required for animal liver damage!

GMO corn takes that statistic up yet another notch. GMO corn contains 13 PPM of glyphosate or the equivalent of 130,000 times more toxicity than EPA water standards!

The formaldehyde level of GMO corn is unspeakable.

In a similar study on GMO corn, Dr. Huber found out that animals avoid GMO corn at all costs. When given a choice between both GMO and non-GMO varieties of corn, animals always go for the real organic corn. Huber also found out that 0.97 PPM of formaldehyde is toxic to animals. The GMO corn he tried to give the animals contained 200 times that amount!

This begs the following questions:

Why is something this toxic fed to humans?

Why would humans touch the stuff in the first place?

Are people devolving?

Have their instincts been shut down?

Is their intuition numb?

Are they distracted by pretty labels and promises of safety?
Genetically modified organisms are an open invitation to disease, cancer, and infertility. What a person consumes is what they become. Eating nutrient-void, formaldehyde-laden GMO corn is beckoning a disease-ridden population. There is enough evidence out now that explains the horror of genetically modified food. Any corporation that feeds this genetically modified system to the people should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Sadly, Monsanto and other biotech giants may have just been pardoned for their crimes against humanity. Through recent lobbying by the federal government, Monsanto was able to protect their GMO industry and get Congress and President Obama to pass a provision that exempts them from GMO liability. This law was signed into motion on March 26 and allows biotech companies like Monsanto to bypass federal approval tests and plant their GMO crops despite well-known health risks. This provision frees biotech companies from their liability to the people and from judicial accountability.

Read the original artilce here.

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