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January 11, 2019

The same Agriculture products and methods that have been practiced for decades are leading towards exponentially steeper and steeper declines in Production and animal and plant health. We recognize that something is wrong.

Farms are requiring more “solutions” but still generating less Production. Why? This is why at Eden Solutions, we focus on more than just single puzzle pieces. We could force the reactions of farm needs with chemicals... but by doing this, we would be continuing the cycle of declining Production. As farmers ourselves, we know this is not the answer. We’ve dedicated our time to learning so we can offer you tried and true systems guaranteed to increase Animal and Plant Production.

One of the most significant discoveries we have learned is that increased Production is a direct result of stimulated Mitochondria. We refer to Mitochondria as the cellular jet engine and the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) as the jet fuel that runs all living matter. These two elements are rarely mentioned, if at all, in Agricultural settings... and yet they drive all life on earth? Studies have confirmed that people can go 40-60 days without food, 3-7 days without water, 7-15 days without light, but only 7-15 seconds without ATP produced by Mitochondria.

Light, Water, Magnetism, and Cellular Deliverable Nutritionals drive the Mitochondria and ATP production in plants and animals. So we ask, which one is the most important? The answer is that no singular one of these is more important than the other. But the importance is their perfect harmony. Mitochondria run on 98% Water, about 70% sunLight, and 30% Cellular Delivered Nutritional food sources such as fats, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, etc., which are converted into water-soluble sap phloem magnetic charge capacity states. In the plant Mitochondria food chain web, we see fats as one of the most important input elements.

The magnetic composition of food sources is extremely critical; however, it is minimally studied by researchers today? All nutrient elements should be viewed as light frequencies from cation and anion magnetic bands migrating from light frequency to light frequency, just as you see in a rainbow or prism or a radio. You do not see the magnetic radio signals, but you see its energy. You do not hear the dog whistle, but you see your dog’s ears perk straight up. You do not see the magnetic charges activating liquid crystals into text on your phone, but you can see the colors created. You do see the crop change in a slow drizzling magnetic ionized rain brings, that no irrigation water can match. You do not see the magnetics in crop nutrients, but you see the crop response. You do not see the Mitochondria, but you do see that bumper crop with the most beautiful fruit set yet. Animal and plant production is driven by delivered Light, Water, Magnetism, Mitochondrion, and ATP - which the plant can only make use thereof through Balanced Ratios of Deliverable Nutritionals.

All of the earth’s atmosphere contains humidity (water) levels, including the earth’s deserts averaging 13-15% moisture. This atmospheric water is anionically charged (attracting charge) via the evaporation and condensation cycle. It is the conductor or controller of magnetic energy. This moisture is what moves all the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) through the atmosphere (think of your cell phone signal). So, sunlight frequencies meet atmospheric moisture and produce magnetic charges to be better displayed by what some call: static electricity. Take sea water, a highly conductive substance, and remove the water and you now have a neutral conductive element (sodium), until it is rehydrated. The key to magnetism, electrical conductivity, and light frequencies is Water. No matter how you dissect the Production cycles, you will always end back up at these three elements; Light, Water, and Magnetism. This is the power that is all around us, the endless energy propelling all life in Creation.

These critical elements of life: Light, Water, and Magnetism are what drives Creation and are the most foundation aspects for optimum ATP development. The Mitochondria food requirements are met exclusively in three ways: atmospheric nutrients, biologically, and nutrient inputs with again, Light, Water, and Magnetism.

Fat is one of the most important crop nutrients to be addressed in the Production cycle along with carbohydrates the activator. This is because it is the most abundant essential conductor for life sustainability. Most claim salt to be the most prevalent conductor. Neuron tissue conducts electrical pulses insulated in fat - not gold or silver or salt. In fact, take a look at high Na sodiums and chlorides in the fields and the associated severe production declines. When plant sap tissue samples are taken for analysis, one of the most important aspects we believe are the fat levels found in the phloem testing process. Plant fats are the conductive feature of plant life in relation to magnetic and electrical exchanges - the density and level of which are entirely subject to Light, Water, and Magnetism affectation of the Mitochondria in ATP production.

Dr. Carey Reams (1903-1985), said “God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, energy is the basis of matter…” and that “no nutrients can enter a plant unless they enter in the Phosphate form.” What is ATP? Adenosine Triphosphate, the super fuel of all life on earth.

Here at Eden Solutions, we recognize that not only is something wrong but that our Production absolutely requires new tools in the tool shed to get crop Productions back on track. We refuse the term ‘average crop status,’ as we dedicate most of our time to Research and Development (R&D) so you can reap the rewards. We’re building not just pieces of the puzzle, but rather the entire painting and all the colorful elements required to make it a beautiful crop harvest masterpiece.

Join us.

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