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“Insect Apocalypse:” US Farmland 48 Times More Toxic To Insects Than 25 Years Ago
August 19, 2019
BlueGold® 2020 Price Reductions & Seasonal Special Offers
October 22, 2020

From October 21 through December 31, 2020, we are offering 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING! You can mix and match any of the 3 offers below for a total of 5 free shipments and 15% off:

Please call 1-877-732-5360 or e-mail office@edenbluegold.com to place your order.

You are allowed to stagger this offer and/or mix and match ground/LTL (i.e. 3 pallets and 2 boxes, etc.) throughout October 21, 2020 to January 31, 2021 with a max of 5 free shipments. You may also mix and match Solutions from both www.edenbluegold.com and www.bluegold.garden. 15% off applies to retail prices only and this total '15 and 5' offer is applied one per customer. All orders must be pre-paid in advance of shipment to accompany this offer. All accounts must be currently paid in-full to participate in this '15 and 5' special offer.

The free freight offer does not apply to dry amendments, inputs, minerals, soils, etc. The 15% off offer does apply, just not the free freight offer on dry minerals unless you're purchasing the injectable powders which do ship free!

Wholesale and Distributor accounts do not receive additional discounts but can receive the free shipping part of this offer. Wholesale and Distributor accounts can extend this offer to all their customers.

Orders must be shipped by February 1, 2021. We attempt to get orders out the same day or within the next business day. Production begins to pick up ahead of Spring planting, so end of January (2021) orders may deliver up to 2 weeks after the initial order.

For freight orders, Eden reserves the right to choose the LTL carrier. Pallet orders must have semi-access at delivery location to partake of the free LTL offer. If a lift gate is needed, please request this when you place your order.

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