Animal Health & Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®
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December 29, 2018
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Animal Health & Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®


Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® provides you with an economical advantage through a safe NOP Compliant technology tailored to address challenges impacting modern production and profitability. At Eden, we strive to meet your needs effectively and efficiently through NOP Compliant solutions. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is designed to address important key factors in livestock production.

Key Information for Success:

A simple way to understand supplements and nutrients: If it is not water soluble, it is not available. Period. This is key for any nutrient absorption across membrane barriers. Solid feeds can only reach optimized nutritional absorption rates when your pet’s stomach acids, biology, immune system, and body pH are in perfect harmony and at proper levels. An imbalanced digestive and immune system will cause higher levels of undigested feeds, resulting in lower feed conversions. In addition to the above, one of the most significant issues plaguing digestion in animals today is intestinal biofilm and leaky gut, which directly inhibits proper absorption of nutrients. Biofilms are groupings of anaerobic bacteria that grow in the stomach lining and G.I. tracts. Once they reach maturity, they break off into multiples (like dandelion seeds when you blow on them), and attach to more areas of the lining/tracts to grow more biofilm. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® washes away these harmful biofilms from your pet’s digestive system to enhance their gut health and digestion processes.
Animal pH Levels
A general definition of ‘pH’ is potential hydrogen. However, a more scientific and accurate understanding is that pH stands for ionic resistance. The lower the pH, the lower the resistance, and the higher the pH, the higher the resistance. Understanding pH is critical to an animal’s health and how ‘active’ they are. In our research, and the studies of many reputable professionals have indicated the perfect pH level in the saliva and urine is 6.4. Using this knowledge we have achieved phenomenal results with increased feed conversions. Feed conversion is how efficient your animal converts the food into usable nutrients and energy. An animal's saliva is a direct mirror image of their liver bile aka their enzyme manufacturer. The pH level of urine is a mirror image of the processed or outgoing nutritional average pH value. Both these sources should match a 6.4 pH. This is where Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® excels, in that is messages the pH to 6.4 throughout your pet’s entire body (water) over time.

The measure of pH is unique: 3/10ths is a considerable difference. For example, a pH of 6.1 is 300% lower than 6.4. A pH of 7.4 is 1000% higher than 6.4. A pH level below 6.4 is a sign that macro-nutrients are missing in your pet’s food (locked out), while a pH above 6.4 is a sign that micro-nutrients are missing (locked out) in your animal's food. A 6.4 pH resistance is your animal's optimal nutritional balanced zone. Your pet is comprised of 80% +/- water and this is where the resistance of 6.4 matters most.

When the pH is not balanced, animals will eat anything they can wherein they detect these missing nutrients. You can now understand why animals can be caught chewing on everything. They are after the nutrients, because their improper resistance (pH) levels are not allowing them to absorb all the nutrients they need, or it is missing from their feed intake. One example is discovering your animal chewing on lumber. We have tested animals chewing on treated lumber, only to determine they were copper deficient! (Treated lumber has a lot of copper). Have you ever witnessed a newborn calf instantly begin licking the dirt after birth? They are after the minerals because they are already in a deficient state because the mother is deficient as well. This constant chewing headache disappears, in our experience, when the animal’s nutrient levels are addressed.
Water is the most important element on earth but is said by many scientists to be the least understood. If your water pH is off by 1000% (7.4 vs. 6.4), this means the overall pH level of the animal will be significantly affected and hinder the ability to achieve the proper resistance (pH) of 6.4. for proper nutrient conversion. When your pet’s drinking water source is adjusted correctly, the proper ionic resistance can be obtained much more easily allowing the animal’s digestion to maximize food digestion and nutrient absorption. The most important factor is that City Water sources should be avoided at all costs, as the chemicals used to ‘purify’ the water, negatively affect ionic digestion efficiency in an extreme way. Spring or Well Water sources are optimal. Alternatively, for small water consumption levels by pets, you can use Steam Distilled Water or Reverse Osmosis water with VOC’s removed.

In these small environments with clean water, we have seen great success with adding ½ teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to 1 gallon of clean water, then add the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®. Our pets love this recipe very much. Cellular hydration in your pet is one of the main keys to health. A hydrated cell will carry more electrical energy than a dehydrated cell. This is one reason why you will see your pet’s water consumption go up when they are on the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®. Common chemicals found in City Water like Hydroflurosallicic Acid, Ammonia, Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Perchlorate(s), PCB’s, MTBE, Bromine to name a few are not beneficial to an animal’s body. We challenge you to research these for yourself to honestly see how your water source choice truly matters. Learn more about our Blue Gold™ Water Filtration system here.
Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is safe for all animal gestation periods, lactating, nursing mothers, nursing newborns, weaned animals, studs, and aging and young animals in any environment. Always have clean environments, clean equipment, and a clean water source (not City Water) for optimum results. Higher milk production.

Common Problems with Gestation
Protein supply during gestation! Microbial protein is the most efficient source of protein for your pet as its amino acid profile is very similar to that of milk. By promoting proper digestive microbial levels, and ensuring proper non-protein nitrogen (NPN) uptake, as well as amino acids and energy, milk production goes through the roof! It is essential to provide a consistent daily supply of NPN, and a failing digestive system cannot absorb this vital nutrient from the feed. By correcting the digestive biofilm health, the digestive function is optimized allowing for maximized health, fertility, and performance — low-quality breast milk production problems.

Retained Placenta
A healthy animal should expel the placenta within 24 hours, and failing to do so can cause serious health issues. This is generally a sign of poor immune functions, and coupled with decaying placenta usually renders an animal infertile. This is not good. Selenium and Calcium have been proven to remediate this issue and restore proper muscle contractions in the animal. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® contains both these nutrients at nano-sized levels. With proper nutrient absorption, the animal’s muscular and immune functions are elevated to proper levels, allowing your animal’s natural functions to succeed. Through improved health and improved nutrition with Blue Gold™, this issue is quickly addressed.
Gut Health
Gut health is essential for nutrient uptake, the efficiency of which is directly related to disease prevention, immune function, and quality of life. Healthy animals will eat properly and drink more to live a happier life, naturally assuring they are performing at their maximum potential! Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, deterring bad bacteria, remediating viral conditions, toxins, pathogens, parasites, and diseases, building and boosting natural immune defenses, and maximizing overall growth and health efficiency. Proper Omega 3/6 ratios are critical and raw diets have been proven very good.

Common Problems with Gut Integrity and Digestibility
Gut stability is critical for raising pet’s that have an amazing quality of life! Required from birth onward, attentive care and support of your pet’s gut is needed to maintain healthy microflora in their intestinal tracts. An optimum digestive function is achieved when nutrients supplied do not counteract with stomach resistance (pH) and microbe levels. Digestive energy is the driver of digestive activity, and cannot occur in biofilm, resistance (pH) imbalances, and immune functions are below optimum levels. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® promotes healthy microbial levels, particularly "fiber digesters," which are responsible for utilizing non-protein nitrogen. Digestive health cannot be supported and cared for too much. It is an essential factor for optimum pet health. Research has shown that many digestive disorders occur when partly digested nutrients are passed through the gut to the small intestine. This is an indication of a failure to digest and uptake the feed, resulting in deficient nutrient levels, lowered immune functions, decreased production, leaky gut, and allergies. A build-up of this feed in the lower gut is a breeding ground for disease and harmful organisms. By correcting digestibility through pH balance and Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® and its inherent properties, which deter the growth of diseases and harmful organisms, the gut microflora can improve and achieve the right balance. Many of our users report this fantastic enhancement among many others
Biology Control
Biology is at the root of all life on Earth! Safeguarding your pet starts with the quality of your feed and the management of bacterial growth in your animal's feed and water, which in turn controls the growth of harmful or good bacteria inside your pets. Effective bacteria management is about addressing all the issues as one challenge. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is designed to address these issues and help safeguard the health of your pet. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is intended to deter the growth of biofilm bacteria, and promote the growth of healthy bacteria. We believe a safe and healthy animal begins with a 1.2 pH gut system to digest properly / effective.
Feed Efficacy
By addressing health and microbial activity, animals will be able to increase feed intake and improve feed conversion efficiency. The result is more profits. As feed costs represent the most expensive aspect for many livestock owners, often accounting up to 70 percent of costs in owning an animal, it is essential to make sure each bite of food is digested efficiently and turned into proper cellular energy! Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® helps to achieve efficient feed digestion through increased gut health and resistance (pH) balance. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is a proven safe and with no known side effects technology which works naturally with your animal's digestive and immune system to stabilize digestive enzymes and good bacteria, resistance (pH), maximize nutrient absorption, and therefore reduce the overall cost of your animal's food by causing your animal to eat less because they’re correctly absorbing the nutrition. Grain livestock feeds have been proven to imbalance the Omega 3/6 balance.
Not all pet owners are interested in reproducing, however even if reproductive organs have been removed/altered (or not) addressing this aspect is still essential to maintain a healthy pet! The nutritional management of animals has a direct influence on fertility performance, particularly in lactation. Often, fertility is an issue not focused on until the moment it is needed, but in reality, fertility is a process that starts with managing the quality of the embryo. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® has been Veterinarian tested, and Independent Study proven to increase embryo and sperm counts significantly. The adrenal glands being properly fatty acid fed is key here.
Heat Stress
Environmental and weather conditions can cause stress to your herd. This is not new information. We have covered nutrient issues quite well, which cause stress when at improper levels. Another major stress factor is heat and dehydration. Carbon is the governor of water absorption. Even though your animals are drinking their water, their bodies can only hold so much. Carbon is the governing factor that dictates how much water your animals can store. Carbon is in every cell of the body (along with iodine). One pound of Carbon can absorb up to 4 pounds of water. By addressing the Carbon levels of your animals through Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®, a water supplement, proper carbon levels are achieved allowing your animals to consume proper amounts of water and hold it more efficiently. Just like a healthy animal would not drink itself to death, a carbon imbalanced animal will not drink more than it can hold. This increase in water consumption allows for the animal’s system to more readily handle heat conditions while eliminating dehydration.
Mastitis is an inflammatory reaction of the udder in dairy cows due to bacterial infection or mechanical injury. Infectious mastitis can be caused by cow to cow transmission or as a result of environmental challenges. It is regarded as the most common and costly disease affecting dairy cattle. In the average dairy herd, the annual cost is approx. $230 per cow, and 70% of which is further associated with the resulting milk loss. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® eliminates the need for costly antiseptic regimes, as it naturally deters the growth and transference of this costly disease. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® can be used on equipment and facilities to prevent the spread and formation of mastitis; but we do recommend our cleaner: Blue Gold™ Yah-50.
Poultry Egg Quality
The primary objective of laying hens is to produce quality wholesome eggs. However, due to how contracts are formed between farmers and buyers, egg quality means different things to different people. Consumers want a safe, healthy and affordable egg, while retailers want to display an attractive or value-added egg (weight, double yolk, shell thickness, safe). Some markets face additional challenges such as not being allowed to treat or wash eggs before dispatch. Eggshell strength is essential for storage and product appearance since cracked eggs do not sell. Blue Gold™ eggs not only increase in size and weight, but shells are thicker, and the odds of double yolks significantly increase – all through nutrition and the attentive care to your animal’s digestive system. Poultry on Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® pluck their feathers less, experience little to none mortality rates, and put on lean meat faster.
Mortality Rates
With all these issues often combined, mortality rates are a serious concern in many animal industries. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® excels at addressing these issues so well that users experience a quick and significant drop in mortality rates within the first year of use. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is known to induce calmness and remove stress within 24 hours of the first application.

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