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October 21, 2020
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May 30, 2023

BlueGold® 2020 Price Reductions & Seasonal Special Offers

We've lowered our prices and have 2 special offers!

Scroll down to see our new prices and learn about our 15% special offer and $50 credit opportunity on your next order.
Here at Eden, we are intensely serious about record yields at a lower cost. We are continuously striving to offer the highest quality, second to none. We manufacture agriculture inputs that are of the highest affordable quality. We put in enormous manual effort to chase superior preservation and micronization techniques with our manufacturing processes to preserve as much inherent natural properties as possible. We go through extreme lengths to ensure that our inputs are clean, of high quality, generate the most significant results, and do not feed excesses (Na Sodium, Chlorides, Aluminum, Sulfur, Potassium, Magnesium, Nitrates, etc.). Furthermore, we strive to have the best line-up of singular inputs to surgically deal with individual excesses so as not to increase excesses further and cause greater imbalances.

Whenever inputs increase in cost due to demand and logistics, we have not passed these costs on to the customer. For example, Golden Seal Root is a critical ingredient in the BlueGold® Base Blend. In 2018 there was a massive shortage in Golden Seal Root production, which increased the cost for this input more than 800%. We went from paying $25 per pound to $200 per pound. As of now, it has lowered to $162 per pound. We did not, and still have not, increased Base Blend pricing, but instead, we choose to retain this expense ourselves. Golden Seal is only 1 of the 150+ ingredients used to formulate our Base Blend.

Our pricing structure has not increased in well over five years. This letter is to let you know we are lowering your cost. Our goal is to first and foremost, restore the farmer’s production. We are farmers at heart, and BlueGold® is not a company that seeks sales for the sake of a sale. We are a family founded and operated company that seeks massive yields in agriculture by breaking record yields and implementing truth regardless of what Big Ag does. Big Ag plummets farms to record low production and does not teach the farmer how to make the u-turn back to sustainability like generations back. Eden started with a prayer, “Lord, the earth is yours and the fullness thereof. Please show us a way to feed our families clean food.” It grew to a farming co-op, and after a decade of Research & Development, we are here today standing on the fulfillment of that simple prayer and Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” We are not another ‘Big Ag’ manufacturer. We are here to teach the farmer and grower how to bring correct restoration back to the farm so they can teach their children and so on.

In July of this year, we sent out a letter to all Grand Champion PME® customers, letting them know we were able to take the gallon price from $199 per gallon to $88 per gallon. This is the second price cut on Grand Champion PME®. This product originally started at $221 per gallon and was lowered to $199 in mid 2019. Since then, we have been working to streamline our innovative manufacturing processes for all other BlueGold® Solutions the way we did with Grand Champion PME®. As a result, we have been able to lower our financial costs in manufacturing this Solution significantly.

When we receive a financial break, we pass the cost savings on to our farmers and take it right off the top because we understand the pressure of results and yields vs. input costs. We work hard in both manufacturing and logistics to make this happen. The new retail price for all BlueGold® Solutions is below. Some are as little as $5
saved per gallon, and some are as much as $19 saved. The $5 may be a 5.38% savings, but that is 5.38% towards more inputs that could go into your grow for improved yields and production. As my granny would say, “count your pennies and your pennies will turn into dollars.”

We are launching new Solutions, material inputs, and a new injectable dry mineral growing program to help further lower input costs for farmers. This injectable program features our Aragonite, Soft Rock Phosphate (14% available and no water-soluble Al PPM), 85% Carbon, Calcium-Silicate (no Mg), etc. with extremely affordable delivered application costs. We are both very serious and aggressive with our business in truly restoring farms. An example of this dry mineral program was in a vineyard in California. They grow Selma Pete grapes for raisins. In 98 days, they went from 348 PPM of Calcium to 4606 PPM of Calcium for $5.80 per week, per acre. Their total per acre cost was $81.20 for the 14 weeks of injections. Most say Calcium cannot move during the ‘production’ phase. We disagree and the Apical tests prove it: Day 1 and Day 98.

We are still hammering away at better FTL/LTL freight and ground shipping rates. At the beginning of summer this year for LTL, we went from an 88% savings to 92% savings, that we passed directly on to you. We are still working with our LTL carriers on the ‘farm delivery’ charge they tack on, on top of the freight cost. This is an extremely unfair charge to dock the farmer instead of acknowledging that farms are businesses and should have the same commercial rates with no additional fees. So far, we’ve been able to get the ‘farm delivery’ charges cut by 50%. However, we are still in active communication with our carriers on this. We hope to remove it if not have it further reduced.

From October 21, 2020 through January 31, 2021, we will be offering a similar ‘5 and 5’ shipping and gift savings from 2019 as continued proof of our appreciation for your loyalty and ongoing support. This year, it’s a one time ’15 and 5’ per customer. This means we are offering you 15% off and 5 free shipments (either freight and/or ground if you mix and match)! Go to to claim this offer today!

From October 21 - December 31, 2020, we are offering a $50 credit on future orders if you send in your full testimony experience with BlueGold® (results, customer service, technical support, what makes us different, etc.). Go to to see how to send us your testimony and earn a $10 bonus You can apply your earned credits to a current open balance Eden invoice.

Kalynn will also be working on the next Free BlueGold® News Newspaper in October and hopes to have it in your mailbox by the beginning of November. All previous recipients of the Newspaper will automatically be mailed a copy.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing business, and we look forward to continuing to serve you. Please let us know if you have any new product requests and/or if there’s anything we can do to boost your happiness with our service and reach out with any questions or concerns.
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If you do not have a copy of the first edition of our BlueGold® News Newspaper (May Edition) or our updated 72-page magazine, please request a copy for yourself and/or a neighbor by emailing Kalynn.
View our new retail pricing sheet by clicking HERE for the downloadable PDF!

If you are a current distributor contact for a separate price sheet. If you have interest of being a BlueGold® distributor contact for our agreement.

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