Pfeiffer Show Goat Farms Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Goats – BlueGold® by Eden Solutions

Pfeiffer Show Goat Farms Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Goats

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April 11, 2016
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Pfeiffer Show Goat Farms Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Goats

"These are amazing award-winning Show Goats from Pfeiffer Show Goat Farms in Orlando, Oklahoma. You can check out their website here. Using Eden Solutions’ Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® and Eden Enzymes, Pfeiffer Show Goat Farms has seen incredible success in managing the health of their goats. Here is there testimonial in their own words:

“We run a 400 to 500 goat operation and wean an average of six groups of wether goats a year, numbering on average from 60 to 80 head per group. We maintain one of the best health programs in the industry but have always doctored or treated from 10 to 20 percent of the individuals within each group. The wethers are basically divided into runs with numbers from 12 to 15 goats per run. Each one of our runs have 30-gallon stock tanks with automatic fills. Many sets ago, we started putting 100cc of Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes daily into each stock tank. We noticed the feed consumption increased as well as the noticeable consistency of the feed consumption daily rates increased as did production. However, we were still doctoring and treating goats, but at a lesser rate.
The big difference came from the last two groups when we added the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® to the equation. The first set of goats was treated with the same daily dose of 100cc of Eden Enzymes, but with the addition of 10cc of Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® per tank which equates to 0.75 m/L per goat per week. In the first test group we treated in this manner only 2 goats were treated for illness – a significant difference in health and consistency percentage of 85.6% less doctoring of animals. We are now finishing our second treatment of goats, which is a group of 95 wethers, and we have amazingly not treated one animal to date for any illness of ‘any’ kind. The only thing different is that we have added or changed has been the addition of the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®.

When animals are healthy the consistency of growth is very noticeable and we have seen this consistency and accelerated growth pattern since we started Blue Gold™ Solutions over a year ago. This consistency plus the incredible cost savings of labor and medicine has made a very big impact on our bottom line and in the quality of animals, we are producing and delivering to our customers. This product has amazingly changed our whole operation and we highly recommend it for any type of animal operation."

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