Blue Gold™ Cattle and Earthworm Testimony From Bar 10 Ranch, St. George, Utah
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August 25, 2016
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October 19, 2016

Blue Gold™ Cattle and Earthworm Testimony From Bar 10 Ranch, St. George, Utah

In Bar 10’s own words:

The worms like in the picture are in every shovel full that is turned over anywhere under the pivots now. When I bought the farm 10 years ago I asked the county extension agent if there were worms in the valley because I had not seen one worm in the first 2 years on the farm that I’d been here and I really looked for them. He assured me that the valley had worms but our farm did not! This farm had been conventionally farmed for over 50 years and was totally sterile it seems. The wood fence posts were more decomposed above ground than below ground that I attribute it to the chemicals applied. 2 years ago we stopped all conventional pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and began applying Eden Solution Blue Gold™ Base Blend and some other Solutions and the earthworms exploded in just one month after our first applications, the first year of using the solutions. Last year after our cattle grazed the pivots for the season, we entered our local beef contest against all the ranches in SW Utah for appearance/texture/taste contest and we won first place for all the categories of the contest and the high profile Certified ‘Aged’ Black Angus beef took second place to ours. WOW! Our cattle have never shined up, looked so good and put on weight this fast since they have been grazing the Blue Gold™ grass. This year is the second year and the worms and cattle are fatter this year than last year for sure. We see it in weight gain and with no problems with anything else even the flies on the cattle."

Kelly Heaton, Bar 10 Ranch - St. George, Utah

Our fat yearlings this year on the Blue Gold™ grass pastures.
Go Blue Gold™!

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