Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Show Rabbits
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January 5, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Show Rabbits

“Our rabbit program has really turned the corner after putting faith in your Blue Gold™ all natural animal products: Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®, Eden Enzymes">Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes, Blue Gold™ Lightening, and your water filtration device after conferring with Eden Solutions. Before using your products, I depended on several chemical solutions to make up for, what was likely, a compromised immune system. Our first encounter was less than 24 hours after we first applied all the rabbits on the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® liquid solution to treat their water. I walked into the barn early as always and stopped because I instantly noticed how quiet it was, and at first I thought they were all dead. But, everyone was happy and just so calm, with no ruckus as there usually is going on throughout the barn. It seems the stress of the animals was gone that fast and just overnight.

I have two older bucks that really had lost their drive until starting them on Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Animal System. It didn’t take 7 days to see they were more active and ready to work. Our random pasty stool events have been reduced 4 fold. This has a direct correlation with death loss, which has also been reduced greatly. We purchased one buck for breeding purposes and come to find out, he could not produce any results after many does. Now, this buck seems to be running at 100%. That was amazing and we are still watching.
As for the litters, I will say the birth weight looks much more even in size. This has resulted in litters staying strong from top to bottom from day one. Our total feed intake in our litter cages is up with water consumption and a couple things are happening I think. #1, the kits are hitting the feed harder and earlier due to the great start, and #2 the does are milking very well because their immune health seems to have them “firing on all cylinders”. I will say the body condition and the fur shine of the lactating does on the Blue Gold™ is impressive for all they are cranking out with 8-9 kits on them! Now before each show, we do not do anything extra as we always did in the past. No high-priced feeds, meds, or inputs, just our normal feed, water, and Blue Gold™ Solutions. It has really simplified our show program and awards it seems.

Eden Solutions has gone above and beyond as a source for knowledge and guiding me through their all natural animal process as I get familiar with each product and how each one works in the animals. You have educated me as well as empowered me to make some decision about my rabbitry’s health which has impacted our whole operation, greatly. It has elevated us, to how competitive we can be in our show industry for sure, with a winning edge and the whole time using an organic solution from Eden Solutions! It is truly an all-natural way to the winner’s circle."

Keep up the great work!


Ohio Market Rabbit Fall Extravaganza on October 22nd in Piketon, OH.

Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®, Youth Single Fryer Exhibitor: Gauck Family & Judge


Everybody lined up and at attention.

Blue Gold™ rabbits are stress free!


Newborn Blue Gold™ Kits


Blue Gold™ kits and mom

They have never looked better!


Ohio New Zealand Fall Classic on November 19th

Here is Miss November, Blue Gold™ 6/8 BOV at a 500 head show with 77 does in her class, this Blue Gold™ beauty took first place. Went to the show with only 6 rabbits and came home with over half the awards in their classes.


Blue Gold™ Beauties

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