Gauck Family Livestock Wins Big At US Meat Pen Championship on Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Animal System - BlueGold® by Eden Solutions Referral Program
Award Winning Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Show Rabbits
March 1, 2017
Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is Vet Approved!
January 8, 2018

Gauck Family Livestock Wins Big At US Meat Pen Championship on Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Animal System

"The US Meat Pen Championship is the most competitive Market Rabbit Show in the Country, period. It draws the best breeders and youth from all over the country. It has a long-standing tradition and is comprised of all of the major commercial breeds. It is the Premier Market Rabbit Show each and every year! We won the youth in 2015 and were 3rd last year. This is my 1st attempt at the open. OPEN is loaded with breeders and is nearly twice as big of a show.

To put this in perspective, so everyone understands. These rabbits were loaded in the truck at 4:30 AM and started showing at 9:00 AM and went until 7:00 PM basically non-stop for 14.5 hrs. These rabbits are very delicate and get handled by the judges all over on the show tables. This was quite the deal and accomplishment because it always flat out stresses the animals with this traveling and show regiment weekends. But on the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME®, they are stress-free, and we attribute this also to all the wins we racked up at this state level show. Our competition always brings out fresh rabbits for each category all day long, and we are still showing the same rabbits all day long for two consecutive days. They all want to know what we are doing? Our rabbits flat outstayed calmer, fresher and stress-free than anyone else at the show. Even the people showing on the big Sunday meat pen category all using fresh rabbits and they still couldn't get around us.
On top of all of this, their transition back home has been terrific. We took 20 head to Nationals, and 100% is not only alive but in incredible condition! They are fragile at this stage for sure, but their boosted immune system from Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® has really made this reclamation go tremendously well. VERY Impressive! Not in all my years have I witnessed anything like this. Hats off to Eden Solutions and the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® Animal System. Amazing!

We are running a new herdbuck that is absolutely dominating that show scene! I credit him for a lot of our success genetically, but Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME® is giving us a performance advantage to express these genetics for sure. We brought Eden's water filtration system (see recent upgraded system seen here) from home and prepped it with our Eden Solution products to minimize stress on these 10 week old, 5 1/2 lbs little “High Octane” market rabbits.

Andrew Gauck
Gauck Family Livestock
Greensburg, IN

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