"Numerically Better Than" BMD 50 g/t - Dr. Greg Mathis Phd

    Necrotic Enteritis Study - 39.1% Control Infection Rate
  • DECREASED WATER / FEED INTAKE - 9.11% Better100%
  • DECREASED FEED CONVERSION - 6.96% Better100%
  • DECREASED MORTALITY RATE - 7.31% Better100%
  • INCREASED WEIGHT GAIN - 0.50% Better100%
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  • I love this product!! I had a Show lamb with salmonella and couldn't get any weight on him, after about 10 days of this in his water ha started gaining 6-8 pounds a week!! I highly recommend as a supplement!!
  • I use this for rabbits. It has increased the overall health of my herd and has dramatically increased my litter counts. There coats look great and have amazing texture. I would highly recommend this product.
  • Super Product!!! Increased Show Goat appetites and weight gains. Fast acting product with superior results. Also administered in water to a show lamb with sore mouth. All outward visible signs of sore mouth were gone within 48 hours. Highly Recommend!!!
  • This product is easy to use and is also cost effective. The concentrate formula uses a small amount. Our show chickens would always come home from a show with some complications. Since using this product we've seen zero illness, insects and an increase in egg production. We are using this product now in conjunction with Eden Enzymes and the results have been amazing even with our show goats!
  • Been using in the chicken waterer - the birds love it and it helps lesson molt and the anxiety during it. I think the egg production may be up and I look forward to it extending their season of laying as we don't force them in winter. Since using there is zero algae film in the water container and it is spotless. I also spray the chickens down as well as their coop, and it helps their feathers and reduces odors. Same deal in bird baths - wild birds go nuts for it and the water stays clear and clean. The dog seems to enjoy it as well and she makes sure she gets her fair share. Love the fact that the ingredients are entirely from nature and health promoting.
  • "LOVE this product! Transformed our laying hens, some of them who are getting older, into egg machines! Has helped them through the molting process. the concept of this product is incredible. Something I really believe in. Lightning fast shipping as well! When our animals and chickens run out, I do notice a difference "